Addiction Treatment sumit

About five years ago I began analyzing myself as a person and creating a life that met my ideals for humanity. I have continuously noticed shifts in what matters to me personally, and to what matters to those around me. I started a company a few years ago to fight corruption in the addiction space. I analyzed over 500 drug rehabs and was able to learn a lot about people based on how they were willing to treat the sick and suffering addict.

I have identified seven categories of people.

1.) Evil: There are evil people in this world who find joy in other’s pain. They make decisions with the intention of hurting others.

2.) Unaware: These individuals will hurt others without intent. They lack empathy to see how their actions affect others. They could cause the same amount of pain as an evil person, but just completely oblivious to how it is there fault. They tend to play the victim when conflicts arise.

3.) Money mind: These people live for financial gain they crave the power money gives and the only time they are giving is for their own financial benefit. They always have a secret financial agenda.

4.) Irrelevant: Selfish existence, these people bring very little to the world. They don’t hurt others or help others, because they don’t interact with them. They waste their potential to bring joy and purpose to the world by hiding and going unnoticed.

5.) Approval Seekers: This is the person who pretends to have empathy and loving intentions for the world, but if no one was watching they really don’t care. They want to be acknowledged and appreciated to gain value in themselves.

6.) Confused Genuine: People who help others, because they like the feeling it creates within them. They wouldn’t offer support or love if it didn’t create a feeling within themselves. They may also do it because they want religious gratification without religion they would lack moral guides.

7.) Genuine: People who do good because they have empathy they will help others even when they don’t get a reward whether its internal or external. They live for a personal moral code. They feel and see others pain and want to make a difference.

The world is full of people who need support and love, and we lack people who are willing to give it. When I got to a place of genuine love and giving I was able to see how I have showed up in all seven of the categories at different parts of my life. It is painful to see that the veils we put over our hearts have us showing up in ways that we wouldn’t want to admit to the world.