The imaginary, magical, fascinating world that lies beyond our Earth in our minds is heaven. We feel that the perfect world lies in heaven, happy, peaceful, and luxurious. If we think it, we do it. If we want our world to be as beautiful and gaining the imaginary blend, then there is a condition- A man needs to save nature.

What do I mean if I say, ‘save nature? With these two words, I say to raise a step, to shout your voice ad think about the betterment of Earth. Whatever you do mustn’t harm Earth or else the statement would go false and, dreams would remain dreams. Don’t ask me, what should you do as I will get a bit annoyed. Don’t give excuses for something you can do but not willing to do just because of the insect of laziness that has bitten you. Wake up from your sleep and start doing something that makes the Earth happy. Plant a tree, spread awareness, cycle, or do anything for nature. Love it.

Then you would see the change, the hidden stars from the soil would rise and sparkle the place. Pure air moving around you. Not less than a dream, you would feel as you would be in a world better than heaven. Making the statement true,
‘If a man saves nature, he would feel