• What’s the key to maintaining a regular exercise habit? For me, it is a combination of strategic goal and tactical solutions. I’ve given myself the goal of getting reasy to run a marathon next year. Tactics include switching between running and cycling, while listening to my favorite comedian, book or music, and taking a different route everyday. It was pretty boring for the first two weeks, but then once I started seeing the real positive impact on my body, spirit and a general sense of achievement, I was hooked. Now I feel like doing it everyday, marathon or not. .    
  • What type of exercise do you find the most enjoyable or easiest to stick to? For me, there is nothing like simple slow running for at least 30 minutes everyday. . 
  • Do you get mental health benefits from exercise? If so, how does it make you feel? The biggest mental kick that I get from running is the sense of achievement and the feeling that I made a commitment and I am sticking to it, and as a result my body is more energetic and agile. If I can conrol my body, I can control my mind.

Something that I am most proud of is that I have been able to delink the task of exersize with my mood swings or how the day was going. Just like brushing my teeth and taking shower, I do it everyday before breakfast, no matter what.