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If I had the chance to go back in time and give myself wisdom that I learned from this 2020 pandemic year, I would go back to Christmas 2019. I would remind myself to make the Christmas Holiday a sacred experience with the people I love.  I would remind myself to appreciate even more deeply the relationships in my life that bring meaning, joy, and purpose. I would tell myself to value the moments of Christmas with our families, sons, daughters, son and daughter-in-laws, grandchildren, sisters, and brothers as sacred encounters to be memorable and appreciated.

Because of COVID-19, our Christmas this year will include celebrating with just the three of us, Ralph, my husband, Trent, and myself. It will be very different. I will miss having Christmas with the whole family: my sons, my daughter-in-laws, and especially my grand kiddos. I will miss our conversations, their smiles, giggles, and hugs. 

Yet, I can choose to make new memories now, knowing this is temporary. I can choose to celebrate and thrive with the three people with me.  I can also choose to make experiences sacred, memorable, and part of my Christmas 2020. I offer to you my plan to T H R I V E.  

T- Touch a child’s heart by giving a toy or toys, or helping a family have a Christmas dinner by donating to a church or food bank. 

H- Heal an emotional wound by forgiving someone or by giving back to yourself some much needed care, thus self-care. 

R- Receive and accept graciously someone’s goodness or thoughtful gift.

I- Indulge in watching an inspirational Christmas movie, online Christmas concert, church service, or Christmas play. 

Family baking together
Family Baking together

V– Value the present moments with the people you are with, whether decorating the tree, baking, cooking, or eating Christmas dinner. And most importantly, realize these experiences are sacred, memorable, and yes, temporary. We never know if our time with loved ones is the last. 

E–  Experience the emotion of appreciating a friend or people close to you who may not be present at Christmas. Then tell them how much they matter or how much you love them. 

I wish all of you a Happy Holiday, and Prosperous New Year.

With love


Educator & Author,

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