What comes to mind when you think of someone who is free? Free to be themselves. Free from fear and shame. Someone who doesn’t second guess themselves. Someone who isn’t afraid to be authentic. Take a few minutes now to feel into that. What would be different in you and your life? What would be the same? What images come to mind? How does that feel in your body and in your heart?

Like so many things, freedom is on a continuum. We feel freer to relax and express ourselves with people who accept us, and we hold back with those who judge us or find us wanting somehow. Some people have the resources to live where and how they like and most of us have restrictions of finances or responsibilities. 

Freedom is not only determined by outer circumstances. Someone in prison may be more free in their heart and mind than someone who feels trapped in an unhappy work situation and is plagued by obsessive catastrophic thoughts. 

Our primitive brain doesn’t care about freedom. It cares about safety and keeping us alive. Many of us don’t accurately assess current levels of threat. Social exclusion that would have been devastating when we were thirteen years old would still trouble us now and on reflection it could settle into disappointment. As our brain matures and higher level development comes online, we pair that with life experience and have a broader perspective. We see more options.

In the Kiloby Inquiries, we sometimes say the opposite of what feels true as a way to bring to light our subconscious resistance or arguments. Bring your attention to your heart center as you look at these words. Remain aware of your body and breath. 

I am 100% free 

With inquiry, we bring our curiosity and openness to knowing more. You might try out other phrases and see what comes up. Your response might include words, images or feelings in your body. What is your intuitive sense?

I am 100% free to …

I am 100% free from …

I am 100% free

(14 min)