As a child, I was just as much of a creative as I am now. I was always writing, painting, dancing or rearranging my room. Naturally that drove my parents insane, but not as much as how messy my room usually was. My father was actually quite strict about the cleanliness and order of our home and personal spaces. He would go through with a trash bag and put anything that was scattered around that didn’t need to be in the bag. As a young girl, I was always so frustrated and I couldn’t understand why. He would always say,

“Everything you need has a place. If something doesn’t have a place it belongs, you probably don’t need it. Do you?”

To this day, that is something that stuck with me in regards to cleaning and tidying up my home, and I hear myself tell my two sons that everyday (and usually roll my eyes from sounding just like my Father). But until a week or two ago, I didn’t realize the GRAVITY of what my father was truly teaching me when he told me that everything I needed should have a place.

I had noticed a downward spike in my energy, productivity level, work motivation and so on. So I immediately started to clean and organize the home! I am a big believer that our physical surroundings greatly contribute to our inner world, productivity and so on. As I was cleaning, I was telling my followers on Instagram what I was doing and my process I learned as a child. During the middle of me ranting away on my story, it hit me. That lesson my father taught me, whether intentionally as deep as I had realized or not, had much greater impact. It was not just about trinkets laying around or books piled on my dresser. It related to the relationships in my life (professional or business), the habits and routines I adapt, nutrition, situations and events in my life… everything!

It made me analyze my life and find what search for what did not have a place, or even more so, what didn’t DESERVE to have one. And that’s something I think we would all benefit greatly from. I truly believe that when you take care of yourself, all of your business and personal relationships and projects receive the best version of YOU. And truthfully, that’s the way it should be. So maybe take some time today to clean up not just your physical surroundings, but do some fall cleaning on the inside and decide if there are any habits, people or situations you may be in that are taking up space for much better things.