There are many things in life that make you happy, and there are many things that have the opposite effect. If you’re careful to focus on what makes you happy and decide to go out there and do it, then your quality of life can improve dramatically, says Soham Pawaskar. ‘Do more of what makes you happy’ is a frequently used saying.

It is also a saying that is often misused or perhaps even overlooked. Feeling happy or finding happiness in life is something we all seek. How we get there or how long it actually takes us, is always a key question an individual has to answer themselves.I feel great when I’ve really connected with someone or spent quality time with them. The experience itself is a wonderful thing. I feel a deep human connection that I don’t always feel, and that feels good in my core. I feel great when I’ve learned something useful and meaningful that I didn’t understand or know before. My understanding of the world has improved. I’ve also probably spent some time in a “flow state,” which always feels good he quoted.

Humans are social creatures, we like to be connected to other people and we like to take care of others. Surround yourself with people who care about you and you care about them. Connect with old friends. Make it a point to show your friends and family that you care about them and that you are grateful for their presence in your life. Through life’s journey, our situations often change, our happiness waivers and from time to time life’s challenges begin to test us. Overcoming those challenges and finding harmony and common ground is necessary for us to feel good about ourselves. How we reach that point, is again almost certainly down to us as an individual. In my opinion, I will always side towards activity-based happiness, as I feel activity is the key to establishing an overall feel-good factor, within our lives. 

You Think Just One Thing Will Make You Happy

Many people seem to think that doing what makes you happy means finding this one elusive “thing” that will forever make them happy. The truth is that life is about balance; many things will make you happy.

It’s Time To Do What Makes You Happy

No one else is going to create your life for you. You can decide whether to fill your life with things that make you happy or constantly put them off for another day. In Steve Jobs case, it’s lucky that he lived his life to the hilt, as it was cut short far too early. This can happen to anyone.

Do what makes you happy not others

 Doing things for others is a really unselfish thing to do but you do have to look after your own happiness first and foremost before trying to make other people happy along the way. To live for yourself is not selfish it is just believing in yourself and that when you are happy everyone around you will be happy too.

You Don’t Know If You Can Do It

Trying something new is always going to push your comfort zone. There is a time when everyone starts to learn something new and they suck at it. Every great, good or mediocre musician, actor, dancer, business person and sports star has failed along the way of their journey. Feeling happy is not about the success of reaching a goal. Feeling happy is about the journey you take.