If only I had taken care of myself, if only I had stopped eating poorly, if only I had exercised…if only.

If only I had better relationships, if only I had loved more, if only I had been a better person, if only I had loved myself more.

If only…..if only.

If only I had paid attention to the screaming sadness in my soul, if only.

Would I have listened?

I would hope so, but do we?!

If only I had the strength to push through the pain of life.

If only I could see the good through the bad.

If only.

If only that was all I had to do, maybe I would have.

Maybe you would too.

But life isn’t just these unique “if onlys”.

Life is everything. All at once.

Life is hard. For all of us.

A constant barrage of challenges and hurts. So much disappointment and pain.

Are we listening to our souls? Do we hear ourselves?

If only.

The sun shines on all of us even in the darkest moments of our lives. There is always faith. There is always light.

But do we really ever see the glory of our true selves and our loving spirits?

If only.

We are more than our challenges. We are more than our struggles.

Don’t dwell on where you think you have failed. You haven’t. You are working through life. We all are.

None of us are failures.

We are all beautiful, worthwhile, and amazing souls.

All of us.

Listen to your heart and know that you can be more, better, and stronger.

Know that there is hope.

Know that you can help yourself even if it doesn’t seem possible.

You have it in you to see the light. Look for it. It is there waiting for you.

Even if it isn’t the perfection that you seek, your life, by default, allows you to give and receive love which is the only thing that matters.

Your heart, your love, your existence is appreciated by more people than you know.

Know that you can not only survive but that you can thrive. Despite everything that life has to throw at you.

You can.

You will.

And so it shall be.

Sending my love to the world.

This post is dedicated Milan. So much love that could have been has been lost to time and distance. If only. Bodies love to betray even the most beautiful souls. I wish you could hear me…If only I knew you better and was a better cousin. If only.

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