If the world is a person, I want to meet her and get to know all of her. From what I’ve seen so far, I have a good sense of what she’s all about. But at the same time, she is still the greatest mystery to me.

I want to explore her hidden gems and stand in awe when the ordinary takes my breath away. Let me find out what makes her tick. 

I crave the solitude of the moonlit waves crashing with the beat of my heart. Just me, alone with the world. And the very next day, let me get lost in a bustling, foreign crowd and find myself wiser and stronger than before.

Slowly as I get to know her, I’ll realize how much she’s changed me. Every experience becomes a mirror held up to my face, either reinforcing or shattering my prior beliefs.

Beyond the stereotypes and misconceptions, I want to dig deeper and make sure she’s who I really think. When the hate, fear, and filters are removed one layer at a time, will I find love?

If the world is a person, I want to meet her. And maybe… I’ll fall in love with her. 

It’s a love story that started when I was born. Back then, just a wide-eyed puppy love – and wow, she looked stunning through my rose-colored glasses. But with time and every heartbreak, I got more and more jaded.

Now with this newfound rawness, I want to see her with naked eyes. If I venture out and really get to know her, will I still find love beneath?

I already know the answer, and it’s just a matter of time. Time to surrender, when the fluttering wings in my heart start soaring. I’ll find kindred spirits among strangers and remember all that I can give when my soul comes alive.

Moments of utter joy become more precious, contrasted by the loneliness, poverty, and pain I’ll encounter. I want to heal her wounds. I want to tell her to lean on me, but she has yet to teach me how strong my two hands possibly can be.

There’s so much to learn from her. So much to savor, that a lifetime simply is not enough.

Underneath her layers, I fear I’ll see a beauty and love greater than I knew before. Before I can help it, I’ll madly fall in love. It will be a beautiful love this time, strengthened by wisdom, caution, and hope.

If the world is a person, I want to fall in love with her.

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