Julia Michaels returned to using her voice.

It’s no secret that as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, people from all walks of life are attempting to try different things to make themselves feel like the most complete versions of themselves.

Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum selling recording artist Julia Michaels isn’t excluded from digging deeper into one’s own psyche. Earning a third Grammy nomination for her smash single “If The World Was Ending” in 2020, Michaels is no stranger when it comes to asking the hard-hitting questions. There’s a reason why she’s in demand and wrote the hits for icons like Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, and Janelle Monáe.

Yoga and meditation often work wonders for those who feel stressed or burned out. That should be celebrated. It doesn’t always do the trick, though. If an individual doesn’t resonate with a certain practice, one shouldn’t pursue something that doesn’t move them forward in a spiritual or practical direction. The only way to go upward is to deeply lean into inherent inner values that hold a significant meaning.

“I got into yoga at the beginning of the pandemic,” Michaels tells me in an exclusive conversation. “I just really didn’t follow suit with it. It’s mostly because I got back into songwriting.”

Photo: Vince Aung

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going back to what works. In many cases, people push themselves to try to take on as many new challenges as possible just to say that they did them. What is the purpose of that? Quite often, stretching yourself thin can lead to serious burnout and a prolonged period of frustration and confusion. There is no point in creating a spontaneous bucket list if you aren’t actively enjoying the moment.

“There was a minute there where everything was pretty paused. I was afraid to be around people. All of my songwriter friends were afraid to be around people. I was just sorta trying to do things to pass the time because I was so bored,” Julia laughs.

Boredom causes us to explore the unknown. It goes without saying, there is an exciting feeling that comes with navigating uncharted territories in our lives. The rush that comes with trying an activity we aren’t familiar with cannot be denied. If the initial infatuation fades and you’re no longer getting the same level of excitement? Return to what works best for you, and feel good doing it. If going back to what you know causes fuzzy feelings that you’ve been missing, then that is the answer you’re looking for.

Julia did it, and so can you. Your return to normal starts with taking action.

Go ahead. Write that song you’ve been meaning to revisit. Reread your favorite book. Get back into stretching. Relearn a sleep cycle that will make you feel nice and cozy. This is your life. Own it.


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