For the last few years I have devoted part of my time to professional mentorship and public speaking with leadership, empowerment, and building your dreams at the core of my messaging.

It’s no secret that your dreams feeds you economically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Each day we achieve our dreams when we are fulfilling our purpose no matter what it is! Sometimes we are so focused on the BIG dream or results that we forget the small steps it takes to get there. Each day we wake up, if we accomplish the small wins, we are one step closer to our destination.

So why is it that most often people quit their dreams?

A question I ask my mentees is: How willing are you to do everything it takes to make your dreams true? Of course, everyone always responds, “whatever it takes,” but when the first obstacle pops up, the excuses starts coming and energy falls lower.

Here are the main reasons I see most people giving up on their dreams:

1) They want immediate results

2) They stop believing in themselves (and by default in others)

3) They are trapped in the past

4) They are scared of the future

5) They resist change

6) They get bored of repetitiveness

7) They listen to everyone else’s advice and don’t really stick to one method to obtain results

8) Lack of true commitment

9) They become distracted by what it is happening in their lives or in the world

10) They are held back by the fear of failing, making mistakes, not having enough money, etc.

11) They overthink and give in to procrastination

12) They don’t have the amount of discipline needed to follow through

The list goes on.

In order for dreamers to successfully get to their destination requires a constant and structured process of personal development, quality work in all aspects and all areas of their lives.

To achieve a goal is the fruit of many steps taken one at a time.

The other part of the equation to building one’s dreams is your personality. The main characteristics of people who achieve their dreams I see are:

1) They work as hard as necessary in their personal objectives.

2) Productivity. They work smart with complete focus.

3) Organization. They plan their lives daily by setting daily goals.

4) Disciplined. They have made discipline both their habit and virtue.

5) They stay focused on the results and enjoy the steps that will take them there.

6) Flexibility. They transform challenges into opportunities.

7) They persist after they fall down by learning from their mistakes and keep going.

8) Patience. They know that the higher their expectations are, the longer it takes to achieve it. They don’t make time or age a barrier.

9) Optimism. They know how to maintain a positive attitude during hard times. They believe in themselves and they trust the process.

10) Fearless. They feel fear but do not let it stop them. They feel it, accept it and still move forward despite the fears.

11) They are humble, they are open to learning, and they accept advice by being good listeners

12) They love what they do and they are committed to their dreams, because that commitment means they won’t betray themselves.

13) They have a strong faith. Belief in their dreams is key. People with strong faiths stick to their purposes

14) They accept the unknown and jump in that space with trust in themselves and their journeys.

I share this list not for you to self-compare in judgment but to be aware of your opportunities for growth. If you can pick one point from this list and focus on that for 30 days, you will see tremendous growth.

The point I am making here is: DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!

Dreams at the beginning might seem impossible. Imagine the first person who became a dog psychologist or becoming a Youtube or Instagram influencer. Several years ago this would have seemed impossible.

To follow your dreams assures you success in all areas of your life because when you feel so good about what you’re doing, those feelings automatically attracts more good things into your life.

My advice is that your only concern be to achieve your dreams, use them as your compass, trust and enjoy the process. Doing so will lead you where you want to go and that itself will bring you happiness. When you look back, you will realize it was worth the wait!