Few trees even bend towards the road to give more shadow to us.And few of us spit on it, stick stickers on it, scratch on it, throw garbage on it. Still it stands firm very consciously, it knows it has the highest responsibility, it knows the reason for standing firm, it simply ignores and throws Its unconditional love to all.

Tree is an obvious example of an opportunity that nature has given us to nurture it, though we know the value of trees we humans give more value to prestige buildings and life less costly furniture.

I somehow feel the same very ignorant mindset we apply in daily life too by ignoring the obvious opportunities around us provided by life. We become experts in spoiling the blessings that we already have in our life and start debating on foolishly.

Everyday we must start counting everyday blessings Start noticing good things that are already existing in relationships instead spoiling by counting negatives. Start noticing opportunities around you by developing a conscious mind.

“If you can’t get motivated by a tree then you must seriously start practicing meditation.”

Meditation helps naturally, it syncs well with nature and with every opportunity that is around us already in life. More consciousness gives more benefits and joy in life.


  • Krishna Kishore

    meditation practitioner

    Meditation, Psychic reading ( Trained by Debra Lynn Katz from International School of Clairvoyance),Quantum physics and spirituality, Philosophy, Ayurveda and Nature Healing are some of my deepest interests. I read books that touch variety of subjects. I am a continuous learner and thinker. Meditation practice helped me to understand my life situation better and I came out of many issues. I thought there are many around me who are in the same situation, hence, I started sharing benefits of meditation with very simple examples to make everyone in the world understand the importance of doing Meditation. By profession I am into Talent Acquisition, I am a recruiter. Currently working with a company called Postman in Bangalore, India. In past I worked with Indeed,Inc, Google, Yahoo! R&D ,and Walmart as a recruiter. I am married and blessed with a cute little angel.