When you purify your karma through diving into your shadow, you purify the collective karma. When you purify the collective karma through shedding light on your shadow, you purify your own.

Because we are all one.

You see that you are like a wave of light in deep pool ocean of light. When you purify your shadow you recognise your own light. And you also recognise the light in others.

As you dive into the pain you are so afraid to feel, you also recognise the pain others are so afraid to feel. Through this, you develop compassion, for yourself, and others.

The problems and atrocities you see in society stems from our numbness and unwillingness to feel. By feeling and not making our emotions wrong, we are actually being present — to where we are, and to how we are feeling now.

Instead of running away from pain, we embrace it. We are truly living.

And you then recognize the value of pain, and your suffering. And that what you’ve gone through or are going through serves your evolution. Your purpose. And that negative events you perceive serves a benefit — that is evolution of your consciousness, which is what you reincarnated for, the purpose of your life.

And when you purify your shadows you will find your calling, your purpose, which is deeply weaved with your pain and joy. Instead of being driven by fear, fear passed down from your ancestors, family, and society, you are brave enough to follow your joy and feel the pain of living.

And this pain is not bad, wrong. Your pain, if you let it be seen, shed with light, can only be transformed. You will then realize the purpose of your pain, and why you, subconsciously, chose the events you chose in your life for your evolution.

This is usually because of a core energetic blueprint you set forth before birth. The energetic blueprint leads you to the “negative” events you have experienced, which also formed your perception, beliefs, and story. And this blueprint will replay itself over and over again by manifesting events of the liked energetic feeling frequency, until you integrate this imprint by doing shadow work.

And when you integrate this blueprint, you will find the purpose of your incarnation, your life purpose. And then you realize you are not powerless after all, because it was you all along — you who chose the “negative” events that led to your pain. You have chance to re-create your life and re-live it based on your purpose and joy.

By recognizing the value of your pain and being present with it, you realize your light. Your shift in energy will also ignite the light in others. And, by giving your authentic gift to others through your life purpose by integrating your core energetic imprint, you are truly living.