Do you know why people write autobiographies or they share stories about themselves? Typically, these authors want to highlight crucial challenges they had in their life from their point of view. In these books, they recognize their contribution to the world and their journey of self-development. Of course, anyone can write an autobiography, and you do not have to be famous.

In today’s digital world, information is collected constantly, sometimes anonymously, and over time, making a picture of you. This picture may or may not accurately describe who you are and where you are going. So, are you going to leave it to chance to tell a real story?

Perhaps I use this thought partially as a coping strategy, but I believe that challenges make one stronger, and life happens for you, not to you. Frankly, a part of me would have preferred an easier path to tread upon. Life can be cruel at times, and the sting of betrayal, social inequalities, and tragedy. However, my challenges helped me become more resilient, creative, and frankly determined to overcome.

A few years ago, I decided to share my voice at a point where I was probably at my lowest point. Quite frankly, if I didn’t speak my truth, then it will be left to others, who perhaps do not have the best intentions to tell their version of the truth. In sharing my reality, I embrace my calling or purpose on this earth. This idea of purpose makes the way of a critical concept, and that is legacy. It is important to me to impart goodness on this world before my time on earth is over. I need to help leave a positive impact in my circle of influence and work to lead a better life for the sake of my children.

I sometimes wonder if leaders are born leaders? Or do leaders become leaders because of the challenges they face? Quite frankly, I don’t know the answer. What I do know is that our lives are to be written by us, not by others. If you don’t write your story, someone else will tell it for you. It is essential to write and live your truth and let others reach their conclusions. Please share your perspective so that we can have a better sense of what the world looks like through another set of lenses.

No one but ourselves can change our lives.

Where would the world be if previous history makers had not spoken up and shared their version of the truth?

What would have happened if Martin Luther King Jr never shared his now famous I have a dream speech.

What would happen if Martin Luther King Jr had not studied then shared his success formula for change?

What would happen if Rosa Parks had remained silent?

What if Oprah Winfrey had not shared her story?

To make a difference, you must be prepared to share your story and help shape the true future leaders of tomorrow. What would happen if leaders had remained silent or not allowed others to share their truths.
I have been influenced by leaders sharing their truth, whether they are leaders of business, education leaders, politics, or any sector.

We can all learn from each other’s stories and truths, and we should share the knowledge we have gathered over our lifetime.

What would have happened if Barack Obama let his fears paralyze him and not stand up for change.

How different would the world be without leaders who modeled what was possible?

You can’t know where you’re going unless you’ve traveled down the road before.

If no one has told their story before, how will others learn from it?

No one but ourselves can change our lives.

Stories awaken cultures, and leaders must share their perspectives to understand each other better. Be a leader in your community with your level of determination and purpose. Share what truly matters to you, write it and speak your truth so that people understand they are not alone in this journey.

Or maybe you’re thinking, “Well, I don’t have a big life event to write about or share.” Your life event, which might seem small in your eyes, might have a huge impact on another person’s life. No matter what you’re going through, your story holds value and is worth telling. Your writing can inspire others to persevere in their hardships and motivate people to keep moving forward, no matter how tough the situation they might find themselves in.

In February, we celebrate Black History Month, and I take the time to reflect on the fantastic contributions of our ers. Though my experiences have been humbling, I recognize that adversity can make one more robust, and you need to share your story.

You may not be the next Martin Luther King Jr or Rosa Parks, but you do have a voice and a perspective that is uniquely yours.

Please share it with someone who needs to hear it today.


  • Dr. Tomi Mitchell

    M.D | Leadership Coach| Wellness & Productivity Coach

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