When my health issues appeared, I was in the midst of going great guns with my new business.

Around the same time, I had signed up a 6 month piece of work with one of my clients in collaboration with a lady I had known through my work contacts for a number of years. She is an exceptionally talented facilitator and coach and this was our first engagement working together.

This lady worked in the space I wanted to develop in and, at the point I was putting together my business concept, she gave me the benefit of her knowledge and advice quite freely.

Then, when my health issues struck, she immediately stepped into the breach and offered to deliver much of what I had hoped to do myself. She also provided me with much personal support as I was moving through the ‘what is wrong with me?’ process.

Not only did she light up this vision I had for myself, she also gave me hope when I thought all was in danger of being lost.

At one point, as I was thanking her yet again for helping me, she said ‘you don’t need to worry, if you fall, I will catch you’.

In the depths of my worry and despair, that statement really struck a chord with me and provided me with so much comfort.

It warms my soul how many beautiful people there are out there, so generous with their time and support and so nurturing in the way they help you.

And they can appear quite suddenly from quite unexpected corners of your life. As did this lady for me.

I didn’t ask for the help but it was offered just when I needed it.

This lady enabled me to keep my business going and my dream alive through a pretty big rough patch and for that I will be eternally grateful.

She has been and continues to be an inspiration to me.

I’m also proud to now call her my friend.

So for those of you in the midst of some ‘not so great’ change, trust in the fact that you will find your own guide when you need them who will support you and help you get to a much better place.

And these beautiful people will come to you when you least expect.

And for those of you who give of your time quite freely to those in need…

Know that you are, quite simply, life changers.

Thank you, Sonia Tallarida.

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Originally published at medium.com