We are passing through horrible times. I never expected such a tough time in my life, but some young leaders like Avni Gandotra taught me that if you have the will, you can find the way in life no matter what is the situation.

Most businesses have been affected and closed due to Pandemic; it has been a tough time for all to find a proper way because we don’t know when this COVID-19 go from our lives. But we need to find solutions, after all, seating at home will not help us live life.

As a contributor to Thrive Global, I want to write about resilience.

Right now, we are facing a hard time, and you remind yourself of another equally tricky moment when you handled bullying. You are highly likely to find the power to beat a rough time.

Many Business Leaders like Avni Gandotra who runs ‘The Trends Inn Unisex Salon’ in Jammu and his brother Amber Gandotra who runs multiple businesses at a young age are finding the power to wither this storm of COVID-19.

Think about the tough time which you faced while starting your organization is this similar to that says Avni? Well, your answer will be NO. So why so afraid of the situation, try to find your way.

Avni believes when you are courageous to fight against odds in life, then nothing in life can stop nor even COVID-19.

In this article, I want to write how young leaders like Avni Gandotra fighting against odds in this Pandemic and coming out as winner against COVID-19 biggest scare of the world.

Update yourself to Online world:

No matter what business you do, you need a proper online presence. Build a good website with all the details inside and also use social media platform with the right use to grow your popularity in this tough time.

Use social media platform motivate people through an online platform, and you too should learn new technics. This is the best time, try to grow your fan following by helping people from online platform says Avni. She has already helped many girls by giving tips about makeup and all.

Take care of your people:

Yes, it is not easy to spend money without income, but Avni says it is part of life game. This might be not a time for us for earning, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care for people who worked for us. Help them motivate them and also give them the security that your job is secure. Being a leader, you have to take care of your people; it’s your first duty.

  • Show regard to your clients.

It is the right time to know how your clients are doing. Send them wishes about good health and wish them the best despite everything that is following.

If you can give them advantages on credit, do not refuse to do so when they come with such offers.