Haven’t you ever felt that you are settled for something too little, despite of your amazing inner potential and ability to achieve even more than what others thinks of you are capable of?  Haven’t there been times in your life in which you had attempted very hard to break out the conservative rules and laws of your family, culture and society in order to achieve what you truly dream to become in your life. Many a times, your struggles for inner growth were opposed by family and everyone pushing you back to confine with too little dreams and achievements for pleasing the whims and desires of your parents, family, peers and society. How many times in your life do you have that sad feeling of not achieving that you have dreamed a lot of becoming what you really wanted to become in your life.

Can you count for me those wounds of rejection you faced for your attempts to break out from those conservative rules and regulations of family because I want to feel those pains a million times? Those pains were for me the seeds for the inner courage to break those limiting laws which tried to limit my unlimited potential within me. If I can achieve what I have today, then you too can achieve whatever you desires so much to the life you live in presently. But if you don’t dare to break those laws which write the conservative script for your future or dare to overcome the pain from all the rejections and disappointment from the people whom you love the most though they have a tiny mindset, you will only cultivate in you cowardice which makes you to fear of what you would become without them or what will be your fate if you don’t have any support from anyone making you to confine within your zone of conservative culture of family. This zone of conservatism is called comfort zone in life.

You will fear to achieve more even if you truly have that inspiration within you to overcome the hurdles of comfort zone and gradually overtime if you are engulfed by your fear, you come into conclusion that you cannot achieve it and then gets deluded into believing that conservatism is the safe place to be in as you are not questioned by anyone, rejected by anyone or even doubted by anyone of what you do. Instead they will appreciate you, welcome you and see as a man among them. You feel secured within that zone by ruining yourself for a very low price. Look at you what you have done to yourself. What have you done? You just assassinated your unlimited potential that had a very strong power within it to make you prosperous and rich, but now you have buried that inner potential under the soil forever as if the nomads in the ignorant age of middle east, who killed and buried their girl child out of shame of what others thought of them. Fascinated? You might wonder what is there so much between those nomads and you? During those period they lived in a delusion that having a girl child was an utter humiliation for one’s family because of the fear of what others thought about them and their family. It is the very same fear which drives you to commit crime against yourself where you assassinate your own inner abilities out of fear of what your family and friends think about you when you opt totally a different path in life which obviously will be shamed by your family and friends.

Don’t you ever feel sorry for what you have done to your own inner gifts which no one haves or have used yet. We think comfort zone is a zone in life which makes us feel we are safe when in reality is not so safe to be at all. Everybody has an inclination to be in comfort zone as it makes them feel secured and safe because of the acceptance of the conservative community of theirs. You might think once becoming a professional in any field which has sufficient money to run your family will suffice all that you need. At that point, you mark your own finishing point of life and think no more of what all things you can do beyond that point. Now you start to be deluded in believing that what you are everything in the circle you drawn and has everything for you in it and you fear that if you attempts something new by jumping out of that circle all that you earned and saved will be lost forever. So you fear to accept challenging opportunities which dare you to accept them to help you succeed and achieve more. But since you fear that you will lose all that what you feel good to be with will be lost, you fears to jump out of the circle and stays there over years even if a million opportunities that could definitely made you rich, famous or powerful crossed in front of you every day.

To be ready inside to accept the challenging challenges of life, you must overcome the fear of losing all what you have earned. This is called Sacrifices in Life. Only then you will dare to accept them and transform yourself to be a successful man rather than living and dying as a conservative man like the frog in the well who strongly believed foolishly that the water in the well was everything for him even when the other frog who jumped out of the well said so much of the giant lake he discovered after jumping out of the well. This similitude of the two frogs is the relationship between you and me in which I invite you to dare yourself to break the conservative laws and regulations of family and to face the rejection of the narrow minded people who lives among you by praising you so high for murdering your gifted talents and abilities and burying them for their whims and desires. But you are trying to escape from the pain of their verbal and physical assault that you received from them for opting a different path that could definitely cultivated in your the true inner potential and unlimited abilities. The moment you tries to break your comfort zone, you will eventually end up in fear zone where you will definitely fear of being rejected, shamed and humiliated and have situations fostering these phenomenon. But once you pass this fear zone by accepting it and facing them boldly, you will overtime reach in the learning zone. In learning zone, you will start to witness, that your efforts in opting a different path becoming more evident and beautiful over time giving you a definite purpose of life. All those rejections, humiliation and shaming you faced will get healed with new and new insights and results that pops up into your heart and life respectively. You will taught by life that you have an amazing potential within you that you must use it in order to taste the nectar of success and happiness in life. You will eventually learn that rejections, humiliations and shaming are the seeds to success as you are now witnessing at this stage that your hard work really pays off.

If you want success in life, then at times of crisis; it is mandatory upon you to break these comfort zones as these comfort zones are barriers for truly achieving all that you deeply desire deep within you. Be independent and be liberated, as being emotionally independent and liberated from your conservatism and narrow mindedness is a pre-requisite for achieving ultimate liberation from comfort zone which leads to the cascade of events of success in your life. As you passes from comfort zone to fear zone and fear zone to learning zone; you will reach the growth zone. The growth zone is where you will witness that your success has been established in the platform of life reaping you its fruits and wealth. I can say at this point of life you will be in the paradise of this life, where you are enjoying your life to its fullest form as a result of the hard work you put into life. You have sacrificed all the comfort your people gave you and instead you opted a path that was solemnly written for you, where you cultivated your inner potential and abilities in you, just because you blindly trusted that it was true. Indeed, the growth zone is the paradise of Life. Always trust your Guts!!