Struggling to be heard? Your natural inclination may be to raise your voice, literally or metaphorically.

But this world has a cacophony of noise. Tons of distractions. A million reasons that make it difficult to listen.

Yelling louder won’t help you break through. Worse, you’ll just be another person/brand/company “screaming” at others.

Instead, consider doing something completely counterintuitive: whisper.

Or don’t speak at all; use non-verbal forms of communication.

Because doing so may provide you with a point of difference. And because you stand out, you’ll get attention. The right kind of attention.

And when you have that, you can finally deliver your message and be heard.

Remember, communication isn’t about being the loudest in the room. It’s about connecting with your intended audience.

Respectfully, kindly, creatively.

And I for one would much rather connect with someone who cares enough not to yell at me. 

Amy Blaschka is a branding and positioning expert who writes highly engaging content for companies and career professionals. She’d be delighted to help you, too.