By Ashley Stahl, Originally Published in Forbes

Sometimes, being at work can feel like it drags on forever. When you’re bored and that 3 PM slump hits, you’d rather be anywhere but sitting at your desk with more work on your plate. We all want to enjoy work more… and having more fun at work isn’t just beneficial to your happiness, but also your creativity.

If you’re like me, you strive to find that balance between productivity and enjoyment in the workplace. Luckily, I have some tips you can follow in order to make having more fun at work a reality!

Here are four ways you can enjoy work more, and be better at your job while you do it.

  1. Make your space somewhere you actually enjoy being

We’re all affected by our surroundings. Decorating your office space is an easy way to make your surroundings work in your favor. Studies show that sprucing up your workspace improves your mood and productivity. Big companies have taken the lead on this concept: Red Bull Cape Town’s office looks more like a living room, while Zappos filled their offices with trees so their employees can enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of their desks.

So put up those vacation or family photos, display some plants or knick-knacks… and get your coworkers in on the fun, too! Soon the office will be a place where everyone feels comfortable and happy.

2. Take regular breaks

Taking breaks at work has been proven to improve productivity (sitting at your desk for long periods of time just leads to stress and burn out). In addition, taking regular breaks at work can also help your overall happiness. Go for a walk, chat up your coworkers if they’re also on breaks, and just get that happiness flowing. Some companies even go the distance with nerf guns, which makes for some great spontaneous fun.

3. Get senior executives involved

So maybe your office won’t get nerf guns, or a playroom like at Lego Denmark, but senior leaders should be invested in employee happiness. Go to management with some ideas for fun, and the fact that happier employees are more productive employees — leaders will be invested in more fun workspaces after seeing the benefits. These ideas could be a simple “Five Minutes of Fun” planned for the end of meetings, but corporate trainer Dave Flemming suggests: “The most fun ideas are the most unexpected and unannounced.” So get creative, grab your leaders, and have some fun!

4. Make your coworkers your friends

Of course the workplace should be a professional and productive space where you can get your work done efficiently — but it should also be somewhere you feel welcome and happy. One key way to make the office feel more welcoming is to become friends with your coworkers. According to Gallup research, people who have more friends at work are engaged, which means they work harder, stay later, and perform better. So take some time to chat up your coworkers, and have a laugh — your managers will thank you for it. And of course, it always helps to have someone to vent to about work!

It can be frustrating to feel stifled at work. Luckily, incorporating a little more fun in your day-to-day will improve your creativity, productivity, and make you an overall better employee. So grab some drinks with your coworkers and brainstorm ideas to bring to management about how to have more fun at work!

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