Many have asked me how they can help in this fight against racial injustice. Well it will can begin with teaching our children that inclusion is the standard. When they learn this from the earliest of ages, should they see injustice they will advocate in the fight again it. The best place you can begin is where you are and it is as simple as a letter.

I’ll share a letter I wrote to my daughter’s school. 

(Feel free to copy and paste and comment ANY thoughts or questions

Dear Xxxxxxx,

This pandemic has made living regular life much more challenging as we, as a school community, have had to quickly adjust and swallow a new normal, despite the choke of shock and anxiety.

Coupled with this, there have been recent events regarding police brutality and race relations that has rocked the nation. Most recent is the story of Ahmard Arbrey who was shot while jogging. The nation responded and we finally saw some movement towards justice and the outcry for help for Breonna Taylor’s family who is trying get the same.

On the heals of our exhales from that tragedy, we were all indicted to face the reality of George Floyd’s murder on camera and sobered with the video that Amy Cooper intended for similar results.

With these things in mind, I would like to request the school do a town hall with parents to discuss color and race relations. With the constituents being heavily populated with students who face similar discrimination in their every day lives (or if they haven’t it will probably happen soon) I, as a parent, have had to talk with my daughter about these injustices and just what to do to stay alive.

We have not had a parent forum since of the pandemic activity began (understandably so), but an invitation to a ‘school hall’ (zoom call and continue to do an in person call when available) with this as the topic of discussion in a real way (and provide resources for parent to talk with their children as they feel best) would move the needle towards growth and solidarity for all of us. 

This will be uncomfortable before we get to comforted, but I believe it will be a small balm to a very big wound if we are open to facing it.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter and all you have done for the school.

Most sincerely,