COVID-19 has ignited in me a passion to write MORE and CONSISTENTLY. My relationship with writing has not always been as enlightening as this sub-title would suggest. Middle School was far from calm, as I struggled to find words, construct sentences and organize paragraphs to meet the onslaught of research and term papers. During that period, my father, “The Colonel” ( took on the role of being my “writing coach.” He was a good writer, a self-taught writer. He extended to me at that time, a “life-line” of writing tools and techniques that he had honed and cultivated during his military career. Upon entering high school, I began to pen, with confidence, my name on writing assignments, knowing that The Colonel was no longer my “ghost writer.”

Writing is my emotional CROSSFIT
It contributes to my WELL-BEING
COVID-19 ha


a range of emotions that swirl around me daily. Writing fills me with a sense of calm and optimism to explore new ways to better connect with myself, my family, my work, and my community.  “Make your life count” is my daily mantra. I am fortunate to have a supportive family. My wife has been a big encourager, creating platforms for me to write and express myself. I am cheered on by my two grown children, who will post on their social media their commentary, from a Millennial and  Gen Z perspective. 

Creating stories is challenging me to take a more nuanced approach to my my profession as a developer of vibrant, welcoming and human-centered communities. Untangling and interpreting development codes and regulations, “redlining” land use contracts, crafting development agreements, and strategizing project approvals with a local municipality can at times be dry and mentally depleting. When this occurs, I set aside time to write a short story or essay on a theme not directly related to the work I do.

“This shifts my outlook to one of service and deep gratitude where I can think more clearly and see the hidden beauty unfold in the community development vision.”

Writing during COVID-19  has become a portal for me to do some soul searching and self-exploration as a man. Writing is giving me the courage to step into a “brave new world” connecting emotionally with other men, sharing experiences as a husband, father and business entrepreneur. I joined a ZOOM community (www.Evryman) of diverse men who value emotional intelligence and meaningful friendships.


“The Lone Ranger” was a favorite childhood hero. I have carried into adulthood his spirit of aiding those in need, fighting evil, and establishing justice. However….there is no need to wear a mask to tackle the uncertainties we face as men..

My faith, family and writing are spiritually interconnected for me. The meditative and contemplative qualities of writing nourish my being.

Writing is PRAYER and the more I write, the closer I feel to God—for that I’m certain.

Carl Jung a Swiss pioneer of modern depth psychology and psychoanalysis, was once asked in a public meeting, “Do you believe in God?” He answered

“I do not believe—”
He paused and then he added,

“I know”