If you’ve ever listened to the “Dear Sugar” podcast —- listed in the top 10 most intimate podcasts —- you’ll appreciate the light hearted humor of its host, author and influencer, Cheryl Strayed. Strayed knows immersive experiences. It’s what led her to become a best-selling author celebrating femininity and true life transformation. Topics we can all appreciate and honor every day, especially National Women’s Day. Also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace across nation’s. That’s a mouthful, and true to life, but it’s not just about celebrating influencers and those in the public eye like Strayed, but all of us. 

Directing the compass of our souls and discovering more of our hidden selves is what National Women’s Day is about. At least for me anyway. It’s part of finding the hidden in those around us, and ourselves that deserve to claim us. I once read; cracks are where the light get it. So on this and every other day, break those cracks wide open. Let your light shine.

There are plenty of ways to ignite your inner fire and speak up for women (and yourself) like never before. 2017 has shown us women’s marches, movements, and voices rising up for equality. 2018 only up’s the ante. 

Thought leadership can happen in many ways, like W Hotels global conversation initiative around women called, What She Said. Monthly intimate dinners will provide a platform to attack modern women’s issues and progressive discussions. You can take these in through their podcasts, and live streamed content.  The What She Said live series kicked off last month at W Hollywood, with many more scheduled for 2018. 

This and other opportunities to gather with like minded women are a perfect way to cultivate community, and inspire the global presence of women “getting shit done”. If your tired of waiting for the know how of what to do, spark your light with authors Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed at a retreat on centering your soul in Northern California. “We are thrilled to be coming back to 1440 Multiversity to lead this workshop.” Gilbert says of the upcoming Brave Magic Retreat “Something I find myself saying to people all the time is to start knowing. What are you waiting for, to know what to do? Let’s work together, and open your eyes for you to know.”

I agree with Glibert. What are we waiting for? I feel like Women’s Day is another opportunity to broaden our worldview. I’m
an advocate for the F word. The big, bad, F for Fair. Yeah what she said. I want this for
myself, my friends, family, associates, and strangers on the other side of the
planet. How will you create your solidarity and get involved?

Find out more on real conversations about women with monthly live streams by the W Hotels, What She Said initiativeYou can also join the Brave Magic retreat at 1440 Multiversity September 20th – 23rd with Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed.  Along with joining us in Bali November 11th – 17th for Pages of a Passport Women’s Wellness Adventure Retreat.

Start your own conversation on the myriad of complex modern issues women face, share your story, listen to what others are doing, and crack yourself wide open like never before. Now it the time. National Women’s Day is one way to celebrate understanding and positivity around women’s issues, but being a women is something to celebrate everyday. 


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