Happy Independence Day! That is what July 4th represents, independence, and establishing a way of living that matched the values of the people.

When your values are in alignment, people are happier, more engaged, more productive, more connected. That is what I experienced earlier this Spring when I spoke for the 437 amazing women (and 3 brave men) from Procter and Gamble’s Women in Innovation and Mason’s One Women’s Network.

The room was packed and the energy was palpable! The morning session was my Get Known, Get Connected, Get Ahead program. Everyone was so excited to be in person. There were several shares after the small group discussions and people always started with what department or product they worked on.

You may have thought we were at a pep rally with the cheers that followed when someone mentioned oral care or which hair product they supported. They were so proud of their products and their work.  

One of the participants excitedly told me about her work on Pantene. She is a scientist and tells stories on TikTok about the science behind how the products work. She beamed, “That’s my hair on TikTok!” It was so inspiring to hear how invested and proud she was about her work and its impact.

The afternoon session was my Intentional Connection in a Hybrid World program. And the enthusiasm that started the day never faded.

Think about what it looks and feels like to work in a connected culture? One where you feel purpose. How do people show up to work when they are connected to the company, to their coworkers, to their work? Do you want to feel that way when you come to work?

P&G has clearly created an environment where people are connected and motivated by what they do. Remember motivation is intrinsic. No one can feel it for you or make you feel it.  YOU have to be clear on what is motivating to you and seek it out in the environment you work in.

Purpose provides passion and productivity. So, what gives you purpose?