IGNORING WHAT NEEDS TO CHANGE is hurting you. This is how to move forward.

What started out as a slightly uncomfortable chill has turned into feeling like you’re locked outside in sub-zero temps without a coat.

You’re unfulfilled in your career and you know in your heart of hearts you’re meant to do more… to help more people… to make a difference in the world.

But because you’re unclear on what that something looks like you’re TERRIFIED at the thought of taking action for fear that you’ll fail. You’re paralyzed… SO YOU DO NOTHING.

Be honest.

This whole doing nothing thing doesn’t feel so great, does it?

Our body, mind, and soul… it’s all connected. When we resist what we are created to do, which is to EXPAND, that resistance manifests itself. It doesn’t go away, in fact, it keeps getting worse until you take action and do something about it.

Anxiety, stress, depression, and even physical ailments such as disease. Conflict in your relationships, your career, and even in your finances. There is nothing that’s off limits.

You’re exhausted from wishing, hoping, and praying, yet nothing. You’re desperately seeking divine intervention.

THIS IS YOUR DIVINE INTERVENTION but you’re choosing to ignore it because it requires that you take action. It requires that you stretch yourself in order to expand.

What will it cost you to continue to do nothing? What has it already cost you?

God doesn’t give us what we want first and then we do our part. We have to take a step forward and then we start to see our path forward appear.


Imagine what it would feel like…

to have a career you love where you’re making a difference and making a great living?

to be healthy again?

to be happy and fulfilled?


Pretty wonderful, right? Even joyful, blissful?

You can feel this way every day, and you were created to feel this way. All you have to do is be WILLING to step forward and you’ll receive all the support you need along the way.

Sometimes understanding something and your ability to apply it can feel like two very different things.

You have 2 options:

Keep doing what you’ve done and you may figure out how to move forward at some point. But how has that been working for you so far?

Or you can get to where you want to be a lot faster by receiving a deeper level of support, guidance, and accountability from someone who’s been there and teach you the tools and mindset you need to have a career you love, the life that you want, the expansion that your soul craves.

If the second option sounds good to you, take that leap of faith. Connect with me here for a free clarity session and let’s chat about how I can help.

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