Can I get out of this new cycle of “I will do it later” that I found myself in starting on January 1, 2021? I will certainly try.

I have always been an extremely proactive, get-stuff done, immediately type of girl. If an email comes in, I reply almost right away, when a text message comes I reply almost instantly. I like to treat others how I like to be treated. I hate waiting days for an email acknowledgment and have dropped a mom friend or two that finds it hard to reply with a simple text message to my outreach. I find both of these things RUDE and refuse to be that person.

Well, in 2020 I am afraid that I must admit that although I kept up with my email and text replies, there was so much that I said “I will do it later.” Why?!? They say 2020 was the year of the great pause. Shouldn’t that have meant that I had MORE time than ever to get things done. Theoretically, yes but in reality that is not what happened. I think I suffered a form of depression as my actions became those of someone that I was not familiar with.

I kept saying that I would do things later and NEVER did them. So here I am declaring that I am going to never let myself spiral into this mindset without asking for help.

But in typical “me” fashion, I have come up with a starting point of solutions that are actionable and heck I am going to start before the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2021.

  1. I am going to get all of my personal affairs in order in a simple format in ONE place. I have stuff stored in my head, stored in my filing cabinet, sitting on my desk, tucked away in drawers and it’s just NOT good. 2020 has shown us all that you never know when the heck you will need access to something important and quickly. I will stop saying I will do this later and do it starting Monday (wow – I set a starting date right here). I found the online “help” tool I am going to use. I am signing up Monday and starting what I will define as progress. I am doing this out of love for my family and peace-of-mind for ME.
  2. I will stop WASTING my money on my monthly spin bike subscription and get BACK in the saddle. This one I will declare with a start date of January 4th. I am being realistic by not saying January 1st because I know we have a small gathering to attend on New Year’s Eve and the kids won’t be back at physical school until January 4th. It’s the date I am most likely to not say that I will get in the saddle later. It was so good at the beginning of the pandemic for me as it was an escape, but before I knew it I lost my appetite for it and couldn’t find the physical energy to get on it. I kept saying I would ride later. I haven’t ridden in literally 5 months. That will change or I will sell the bike and cancel the monthly fee in 2021.
  3. I am going to take better care of my parents and work to bring them more “moments that matter” through my two young children. Life moves quickly and 2020 may have felt like it was crawling by on a daily basis but now that it’s over I am wondering where the heck the year has gone?!? I refuse to say “I will call them later” in 2021. They deserve more, I deserve more and so do my children. I may even try to have a conversation with them around organizing all of their “stuff” just in case. Let’s face it, I am getting older, which means they are getting older. I want and need to do what makes everyone have peace-of-mind and happiness.

Here is to a better year for anyone and everyone that desires one and is lucky enough to wake up to a new day. I am done saying that I will “do it later” because the reality is not everyone had the opportunity for that “later” to come in 2020. I will seize the day, each and every day that comes my way (hey – I just rhymed)!