After we realized we were going to be confined to our apartment for an unknown amount of time, my wife of 51 years and I decided the best way to stay sane is to find something that we can control that is positive. 

What we settled on is that we can work on our healthy habits. 

Instead of comfort food, we are really eating clean. 

We are also making it a huge priority to get quality sleep. We know that if we do not get proper sleep, we will be even more vulnerable. We are going to bed a little earlier and aiming to get eight to nine hours now to keep things energized. 

We are doubling up on exercises by working out together in the apartment five to six days a week. 

The result is that we feel more positive, more uplifted, and more confident that we are doing all we can do to boost our immune systems while self-isolating. A good, positive attitude is going to help us get through a tremendously stressful time! 


  • Jim Owen

    Author and Speaker

    James P. Owen is an inspirational author and speaker. His latest book is Just Move! A New Approach to Fitness After 50 (National Geographic, 2017), which the Wall Street Journal named one of the year’s best books about healthy aging.  He is also the author of Cowboy Ethics. His current project is producing a half-hour documentary film, The Art of Aging Well. He can be reached via his website,, or @justmovebook on Facebook and Twitter.