I’m in recovery. But it’s not the kind that you think.

Sometimes we fall off the wagon.

In the pursuit of our goals, we may veer of course, lose our sense of purpose, and worst of all, lose confidence in ourselves.

It’s no one’s fault – traumas in life that we cause or other people cause, or in this case, the world’s causes can put us into cognitive chaos.

Like a world-wide pandemic.

The question is, how do you recover from falling in a rut – and regain your confidence along the way?

The first step is to make sure that whatever you’re set on doing is something that you value need and want.

The second step is to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success….

In this episode of “Real Confidence”, I’ll share what I’ve learned from my own experiences getting my mojo, energy and motivation all back on track after a very long year of chaos.

Listen out for helpful tips like:

  • How to make mindful commitments that you actually follow through on
  • When to check your “cognitive closet” to avoid ongoing decision-fatigue
  • Why you really need to give yourself (and others) a break more often

Whether you’re trying to get back in pre-pandemic shape, get better at reaching out to people that you really care about, or make tough choices about a job you really hate – this episode will help you clear out those COVID cobwebs and make a decision to do something about it!