Photo Credit: Chanell Angeli

The Writing Industry is constantly been filled with new faces and challenges. Many people think writing is very challenging since it takes a lot of time and creativity. However there are some great writers who also feels writing is easier and a lovely thing to do especially when you do it out of your everyday life.

Today we are talking to a young female writer Chanell Angeli. One of the fast rising writers who also doubles as a poet. She gave us a few minutes of her time and we decided to use the time to ask her some questions about her writings.

In the Interview, Chanell was asked the following questions;

Where did your love of writing books started Chanell and why writing as a profession?
“I started blogging in 2014, with my first blog The Young and The Conscious. It centered around health and wellness and was birthed
through me finding ways to cope with a traumatic break up. As I begin to learn more about meditation and the ways diet played on our emotional well-being, I documented the process through the blog. I also started traveling a lot at that time and since I’m a beach lover, I was taking a lot of pics in swimsuits. Which lead to my followers growing literally by the 1000s each day. Naturally being business minded, I began selling swimsuits. I soon decided to merge the blogging and business by creating a travel blog & also
selling skin and hair care products I had learned to make naturally through my travels. In 2018 I released Melt: a massage and meditation guide which is a Culmination of all the above”.

What value is in writing Chanell?
“Through all of my business ventures, heart breaks, joys and stresses, writing has been my rock. It’s where I go to and make
sense of life. It is my therapy. And now that I have become more open, I have decided to work on my next book which will be poems and essays. This is so much different then blogging. It’s sharing my soul. But the vulnerability excites me now”.

Does your writings relate to your spiritual life? “Absolutely! In Melt my first book. I delve into the spirituality of union with your partner and how to intensify that through coupled meditations and touch. In my forthcoming book, I will take a step further and discuss mantras, rituals and cleanses that I also practice to attract healing and abundance.”

Tell us more about your spiritual life.
My life is a spiritual life. It is not separated from me. Spirituality is not apart from my life. It is my life. I am a soul traveling in this vessel and in this place. Nothing more nothing less.

MELT: A message and meditation guide for couples

Did you have any difficulties in writing your first book MELT?
“One difficulty I encountered was that when I began the book I was in an amazing loving relationship. Once the book was published, I was single. So it made it hard for me to talk about how to become closer to your partner when I no longer had one. However that’s when I sat down and reread it to cover and implemented those same principles into my independent life”.

Are you a full time writer?
“Yes, that’s my profession and that’s what I love doing”.

How do you feel about ebook vs. prints books?
“I personally prefer to read ebooks since I’m always traveling. However as soon as I’m home in my bed I love to pick up a real book and devour it”.

What do you think is the Future for writing?
“We will find out together”.

What makes your book stand out?
“It’s written from my perspective. I am the magic ingredient”.

What Projects are you working on at present?
“My forthcoming book. Which will be structured like a public diary. Containing my real journal entries. Pictures poetry and essays”.


Do you feel more women should be encouraged to do writings?
“Absolutely! My goal is not to become famous or make best sellers list. My goal is to be received in the hearts of young women and girls like me. So that they can know that, even through pain and struggle, chasing your dreams is what ultimately saves you”.

What will you tell anyone who wants to be a writer?
“Believe in your craft and start now!”

What inspires you?
Love and the absence of it.


Where can we get your books Chanell? Amazon. Barnes &

Thanks for speaking to us Chanell, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

“My pleasure!”