Tess’s Book Cover

Tess and I met not by chance or casualty but by destiny. I was working on my second book about Fertility and IVF (in Vitro Fertilization), and at the same time, my head, (as always), was developing unlimited ideas on creating more resources to our growing community of women and couples struggling to become parents and using medical help to get there.

One of that ideas running in my head was a children’s book about IVF. I am a mom of two beautiful IVF girls (14 and 6 years old) and a stepmom of a college girl (18 years old), and I have been very open to my daughters on how they came into this world, both know, but I also know that many others had become parents via IVF and they still don’t know how and when to tell their children about it.

Well, while I was cooking this idea in my head, Voila!! Tess appeared in my life. Somehow with the advanced of technology in this world, she found me and send me an email with a press release of her Children’s Book ” I’m Very Ferris “. I was incredibly happy that someone already developed and was offering this wonderful resource to IVF parents out there. We got in touch and I felt so connected to her, not only because our stories are very similar, but because her energy and approach to tell a story to IVF children is loving, full of kindness and compassion.

Tess with her son (whom also was conceived via IVF)

When I received her book, I was very excited and my girls sat with me one afternoon and read the book together; yes they already knew about that, but it was loving to see them reading a beautiful children’s book, with a real story, about it.

I’m Very Ferris is a fun and love-hearted book on a really tough and difficult topic. Tess keeps the story clear and real, with easy language, and the reader can feel her heart and soul into it. Tess book is charming, with beautiful and colorful illustrations, a great and useful tool to families with IVF children, and unique in it’s subject.

After reading I’m Very Ferris and meeting Tess, I felt a happy relief, knowing that our IVF children now have a story on knowing how they come into this world. I also feel very honored to call Tess not only a fellow author and collaborate with her for our community, but a friend, a friend that did not come by chance or casualty to my life, but by destiny.