If one’s heart could be enslaved, would the beating of such a heart be moved through a different tune? Would it beat at all? Can the heart move when it is constrained? Not really. We could also imagine that the heart loses its sensitivity and its emotions-its authentic purpose, understanding, and self.

What is being enslaved to love? If such is a form of subjugation, then here is another question, is it a form of love? Are we even justified to use the very term? If love enslaved us, is it love? Look below. Do you see the photograph? Does your body cringe at the very thought of being locked and chained away into someone’s affections? Knowing that you may be giving more love, than what you are receiving back. Perhaps, that’s what being enslaved to love primarily consist of. Sacrificing oneself for the appeasement of another. Devaluing oneself, so that another’s light may rise. Yes. There is something painful about that. Now, stay. Let’s stay and observe the locking of a heart. Perhaps, another lesson in love will come to be, learned.


Tzeni Vanou