Imagine walking away from a love. Picture yourself walking away from, love. Now, of course that love depends on you. Is it a romantic relationship? Is it based on the pains in having left one’s homeland? OR Could it also be based on the loss of love for one’s own self? Whatever the case may be, a love has been washed away.

Coffee mugs, and the coffee (or tea) they house, has a way of getting us to reflect on a love gone lost. When addressing this issue, what is going on? How do you feel? Where are you when feeling the heartbreak in losing love? There are so many feelings relating to this question. Taking sips of your coffee, you have been broken through the depths of time. It’s so hard to think upon what could have been. Then again, you must. Healing requires going through discomfort, in order to gain access to a place, which is more comfortable. It’s ugly. Yet, it’s part of the journey. Pictured below are reflections of a coffee mug, and a love, that once was. Where are you? What are you doing? How do you feel? One. Two. Three. Are you ready? The song is playing on.