Have you ever say and wondered how a particular bird would look like should it become a woman of a particular land? Have you ever stopped to think of such a thing? Inside the gardens of Persian decor, she flies only to transform herself into a woman of the land. Ever remembering her colors, before, she dresses herself in them, when in human form.

While in this womanly form, she continues to sing. For not only does she remember to sing, but she remembers how she navigated the land, while doing it in her, humanly, feminine presence.

In her new found form, she decides to take on am Earthly pitch; a deeper and richer tone. She remembers that she is intertwined within it. Even her posture embodies a confident and holistic display. Place the two pictures of the two pictures side-by-side. If you remember the sound of this Purple Sunbird “bride,” you will see traces of her former self, who postures herself, with pride.