It’s playing again-the song, I mean. It’s another display of Irish dreams. This time it details the story of a land. It’s precious name is called, Ireland. You may have been journeyed to such a land, before. Thank Heaven for the wealth of music in which we can, explore. For, there is a precious tale. There’s a sacred tale.

Even if you have never stepped inside the liquid jewels of Irish springs, there are the photographs, which gives you some insight into their coloring and painting of Earth’s landscapes. Should you become even more creatively ambitious, you can imagine yourself within these rich, Earthly spaces.

A Song For Ireland he starts to sing. Singing Irish festivities through the musical tune. There is a pleasurable vibe, which extends throughout the atmosphere. A greater love is whispering to the land. If you have never smelled the freshness of Irish breeze, you gain a taste of it, with a song, which is so mesmerizing. You feel you have reached Irish shores. Well, if you were there, what would you do? How would you dress, when walking through Irish lands? There is so much to experience when moving through these precious gazes. The beauty of these Irish springs is that they present an example of a picture book fairytale.

The song plays on, again. You hear for it for another time. You are here. Mentally, you are, there. Now, create your own fairytale and its masterful treasure, as your paint your majesty, within Irish lands.

Luke Kelly