If love were to blossom like a flower, the walk would be slow and steady. For, that love has a way of unfolding in ways, that we would never have, imagined. Each budding has a way of opening up; all the while revealing what has yet to be revealed. Time and growth move hand-in-hand. What is even more auspicious is the aura and oasis, which unfolds into such a blossoming hue. Such blooming creates a painting-love’s own dynamic painting, in fact. Like a painter’s paintbrush, the strokes are steady and slow. One can’t help, but to feel some level of serenity and euphoria.

When we talk about the beauty of love in foreign lands, there are different things, which comes to mind. First off, there is the very adventure of being in a foreign land. One’s essence is re-birthed. You experience a new wellness about yourself. You discover things about yourself, in which you may have never discovered (or explored) before. How does such feel? There is the excitement and overall joy in connecting with such an immersion.

Through a greater experience, there are mountains to move and oceans to cross when trying to experience the overall harmony of love’s Divine. Ancient and famous monuments perform their role, as well. Can you imagine the different lobe stories, which remains invisible to many? Can you imagine the different couples of a holistic hue, who have walked onto these monuments? The kisses. The passions. The moments of love they had for each other, when they first fell in love? Can you ponder upon the amazement felt from both parties? Love continues to blossom and the paintbrushes stroke on. They stroke on. And on. And on.

Entering into Chinese landscapes, and the Great Wall of China is the focal point of love. For, during these times, the stories move forward into an iconic bliss. Walking on the Great Wall of China, a person can only reflect upon the amount of her/history, which arises from it. There are the stories of building; safeguarding Chinese civilization from outside forces meaning it harm. Who would have ever envisioned the love of one’s culture and people? Loving them (and it) so much that one will invest so much strength and devotion into making such a grand architectural structure.

Fast forward into the current times and visitors from around the world ? come to walk upon such a legendary treasure. Just imagine all of those Beings, which came before. Their hopes. Dreams. And, their foresight for future generations to come. How did they envision that the world would sit back and lay in awe of such a grand structure?

Another photograph, awaits. Love’s coloring surrounds the structure. It decorates the entire architectural design. Reflecting the Spirit of those, who yearn to further immerse in the magic (and testimony) of love’s spiritual delight.

Here, we have a photo. It is filled with a loving Spirit of wellness and euphoria. In fact, it makes you delight in the overall vibe and artistry of, love! Take a look at this photo. Doesn’t simply give you the aura of the Most High, and Heaven’s delight having kissed and painted the structures, below? Looking from above, there is magic in such an Earthly setting (and space). The Great Wall now becomes a pathway, within a paradise of gardens. Now, it becomes a wonder for holistic refreshness, meditation, and humanity’s ability to restore their humanity and drive for reclaiming their life’s purpose. Love moves us forward. And, the walls contains it through.


Bai Hong