If you were to fill the heart with something, what would be the treats, that take up space? What desires would feel one’s heart, so that it is never lonely? While we address the feeling up of one’s heart with nutrition and exercise, let us not forget the feeling up of holistic wellness and abundance. How is it nourishing and reflective of the Soul? Furthermore, what are the ways of ensuring that one safeguards the heart from those, who do not mean it any harm?

Every day is a struggle. Everyday is a struggle when ensuring that one’s heart is filled with the tenderness of sweet words. For love has a way of bringing us into a higher frequency, and vibe, when we dare to embrace it. Some people struggle with this concept, unfortunately. There are way too many people, who feel that love is a toy to be tampered and played with. How does that feel in knowing that one’s love may not always be appreciated? Well, welcome to the reality of our Being. Thank the Heavens that we can skip them for now. Thank Heaven, that there are those individuals, who understand a song’s generosity and its purpose of uplifting.

One of the very treasures of a song is how it fills up the mental wellness and health of our overall psyche. Through and through, we are providing with ample lessons of performing those exercises on a daily basis. Just as the mind, the heart is also in need of exercise, as well. And that, my Darlings, is where music comes in hand. ??

“Let My Song Fill Your Heart.” The words are straight to the point. Simultaneously, there is also a layer of depth to it. Our imagination becomes piqued with these 6 simple words. How so? Well, individually, each person is different. We imagine, differently. Nevertheless, we imagine!

It’s a classic song from a dame, whose words feel like glitter, within our very Spirits. Some can gain the visual imagery of musical notes floating through the air, with wings. They are floating elegantly and gracefully. Nevertheless, they also have a targeted direction. For, located far away are a collection of dancing hearts. Yes, indeed. The hearts floating in one particular space. They are not moving, after all. In fact, it is as if they are standing still, while waiting on love. They are patient. Nevertheless, they are waiting.

What will nourish the hearts are the tenderness of words, and its pleasures through a song? ??? There are those sacred whispers, which come to pull through the atmosphere. They are enchanting and provide the necessary blessings to make those precious hearts feel better about themselves. They are collected together in one grouped display; and they are simply waiting to be loved.

So, where are these beautiful notes coming from? Who is sending them? Are they coming from, afar? Are they performers, or musicians, who saw the hearts from, afar? Maybe, they sensed they were lonely? And so, they connected with them on a level of spiritual blessings and abundance. Music has a way of making hearts dance. And so, dance they begin. For hearts have a way of becoming excited and soothed when they are receiving the love, they have been craving for. ♥

“Let My Song Fill Your Heart.” So, what are they? What are those holistic treasures, which are suitable in filling those hearts? How do they heal the wounded of hearts? How do they restore the mind, body, and Soul? There is a sacred tenderness when it comes to moving through those methods of care. For example, they have a passion for navigating through the arts, as a stillness for one’s yearning. In addition, there is a healing process for past pains. When hearing the music of love, a person is gifted with the power to embrace different layers of tenderness. Depending on the level of pain, it may take time for different hearts to dance, again. Yet, time is of the essence. Sooner, or later, broken hearts cannot stand still for too long, when beautiful music is at play. Sooner or later, they will have to move through the beat of love. If a heart has been empty for too long, it’s only a matter of time before they come to experience the perfect filling (and recipe) for love’s timing!

The world of opera comes to play. Evenmore is how it moves into another musical genre of rhythmic play! Opera has a way of bringing vibrancy into a message or song. That’s the phenomenon of its power. It’s a matter of taking those Heavenly vibes and bringing them down, in order to be relatable. It’s a phenomenon, indeed. Leading the charge of such a magical world ? of the hearts, who comes to dance to love is one angelic voice. So, let’s dance, my Darlings. Come to fill the cup of, love.

Dolores Wilson