Now you are by the water. The dam is as massive, for all to see. You desire to get closer to the edges. It’s as far as you would like to reach. It’s your desire to have the pleasure of your beautiful feet being soaked and nourished by the delights of the jeweled coloring. Afterall, it’s only natural for you to feel this way. You are human, afterall; despite being in Iranian gardens.

Here comes the song. “Mard E Tanha (Reza Motori).” Listen to it, and imagine yourself in the photograph; however you wish. Remember, for now we are experiencing the sensory and texture of the song. ? Therefore, we are reacting to how it is making us feel, once we have taken a mental flight to this particular spacing. It is a nation called, Iran. It’s her/history lays in the wonders of Persian domain. The waters are an oasis of wonder. So, in comes the guitar. The strings cause the waters to, glitter. Such a phenomenon is too much to handle on one’s own. Nevertheless, are you by oneself? OR Are you surrounded by fellow travelers, who have also come to partake in this wonder? What must it be?

Are you tasting the local culinary, in your meditative journey of this song? Do you hear the kisses of Persian winds? How do they feel? Whatever it must be, just know that it’s your story. Your journey. Create it however you wish.

Farhad Mehrad