Take a break for a moment. It’s time you heal. Time to permit your mind to navigate into a mental cleansing. Attached below is a song. It is from one of the legendary voices of Iranian soil. Look below. You see the image. During the winters of Tehran, you are here.

First, listen to the vocal melody. It is entitled, “Chenan Mastam.”Do not worry about your understanding of its meaning. We will not get to that, for now. Just permit your Soul to be moved by the passion of the song. Do you feel vibrations when hearing the sound of his voice, while you are in the midst of the snow? Where are you? Are you with other people? What are you wearing For? What are you doing? Are you making another check off of your bucket list? For now, permit yourself to get lost in the sound. Let it take you to wherever it wants to go. It’s your journey, be creative. Permit it to guide through your own sense of self mastery throughout the land.


Mohammad Reza Shajarian