In an old town in India outside of Bombay, clear bowls of water are placed on a table and on the floor after a huge gathering. It is believed that water brings purification, and clears all the negative energies that may have stayed in the area and home.

In another town nearby, a married couple that has been facing hardship has a bowl of water placed above their heads on a chair. This is believed to purify the union, and bring harmony to the couple.

Just a few hours away by plane, in a Middle Eastern village, there is a beautiful, colorful wedding, and rose water is used to bring purity and sweetness to a young couple’s life.
In another city close by, as a young man leaves for a business meeting, a bowl of water is thrown at his feet to wish him a clear journey ahead.

Here in the United States, a healer runs her hands through cold water to clear the heat in her brain and body after she has done energy work with one of her clients.

Around the corner, in a doctor’s office, it is prescribed to drink water early in the morning and late at night for stomach pains and ulcers, to create harmony and balance within the body. Meanwhile, next door, a therapist suggests to a depressed patient that they go near the sea, ocean, or another body of water — for water has a calming, healing, rejuvenating effect, and raises the serotonin in the brain.

A mother of three travels to a day spa to bask in the coolness of the springs, and as anxiety and stress leave her body, she feels renewed and refreshed. And in another corner of the world, a man who cannot afford the luxuries of a spa looks forward to a cold shower, to relieve his stress after a hard day at work.

We pay our water bills to be able to shower and bathe, and we spend money and time traveling to be near the water to enjoy all of its relaxing and calming benefits.
The common theme in each story, in each turn, is water. Think about it: Through the ages water is and has been the ultimate healer. Nothing is as clear, refreshing, healing, creating purification, and rejuvenating.

It makes complete sense that if we consume, utilize and surround ourselves with the benefits of water, the toxicity will wash away from our minds and bodies, and soon therein, 
we will feel more refreshed, more healthy, more whole — and finally calmer, clearer, and more harmonized with the Universe and our own spirit. 

So perhaps the next big healer may not be in a book. The next big thing may be as ancient as Earth itself — something that constitutes 71 percent of Earth, and our bodies. The purifier, the healer, the thing that gets our senses awakened into clarity and rejuvenates us to become whole is water.

Mitra Rahbar is a teacher, writer and songstress. She is the author of Miraculous Silence by Penguin Random House.