Imagine that you are extraordinary! Chances are, given how you were raised or what you experienced in life to date, accepting that you are an extraordinary being may feel like a bit of a stretch. I invite you to set aside your doubts as you continue reading – for I have a purpose in opening your mind at this important juncture.

As you know, we live in an unprecedented time. What we “signed up for” on some level requires that we get fully resourced and remember the gifts we brought with us that, when applied, can shift us and humanity out of fear and into love. This occurs as we first apply the gifts to ourselves, then in our outer world. It always begins with us.

Consider This

  • You incarnated fully equipped to play your multiple roles. You have qualities, talents, and spiritual gifts that were developed over lifetimes. You brought them with you!
  • You are a divine changemaker. The very cornerstone of this role is that you are an extraordinary being – born now to help shapeshift life on Earth in quantum ways!
  • During your lifetime, a divine orchestration occurs that helps you further develop enlightened qualities, talents, and spiritual gifts that you already have on some level. This orchestration typically happens through crisis – your meeting the crisis and learning from it. You have had countless crises to date, and you will have many more. That’s part of the spiritual path.

Wesak & Enlightened Masters
At our Wesak meditation this year, enlightened beings like the Buddha and Kuan Yin will remind you:

  • Whatever miracles or amazing feats they can accomplish – so can YOU. That’s because at your core you are divine.
  • That they see the light and the divine in you.
  • And that you are purposefully on Earth now to help raise consciousness high enough that love can become the dominant energy.

Now that you have read this, how can you view yourself as ordinary and unremarkable? When you go within and inquire on a deep level, there is no way that your higher wisdom can convince you of these things. Yes, you have an ego – we all do – yet you must begin sequestering it in the back seat of your life, learning to manage its toxic influence.

How to See & Tap Your Potentials
Here’s a simple process to begin anchoring an acceptance of your true nature, which is extraordinary. As you do that, you can begin acting on that truth to tap your potentials.
FIRST Become still and go within. Invite your Higher Self to remind you of one or more qualities that help you be extraordinary. Go with the first example(s) that come to you – e.g. being patient, a good listener, striving to do your best, showing compassion for self and others, applying openness, allowing space, planning ahead for optimal outcomes, going beyond what’s expected, being able to feel gratitude and find a silver lining when in very challenging situations.
SECOND After you contemplate that, inquire within to know specific examples of how you have applied these qualities. Tune into one particular example that brings a smile to your face. Go with the very first thing that comes to you. Then sit there for a few moments and acknowledge yourself – for having applied a quality that helped you and/or others. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Quantum perspectives don’t come with a linear yardstick – they are a higher view.
THIRD Next invite your Higher Self to give you one or more examples of how even one of the qualities that make you extraordinary can be applied in current life circumstances. This could be in your personal life, work or service, or in your interactions with the outside world. Go with the very first thing that comes to you. To anchor your insight, either write it down or take it into your next meditation or dream state. This helps you to keep the idea alive within you. It also helps you to take ACTION on it. The action part is what really matters.

I look forward to your feedback on this article and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2021. Feel free to contact me at my website.