There are lots of articles about keeping your immune system strong right now. I just completed an interview on Fox 21 talking about immune strength, but what I think we’re missing in this conversation is not about the availability of Lysol. It’s about the toxicity of thought.

I’m not sure this is something we can scientifically quantify, but the majority of disease starts with our thought life. I’ve heard from brain researchers like Joe Dispenza that more than 90% of disease starts with your thoughts. Neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf has made it a primary focus of her research to teach us practical strategies to rewire the thoughts that make us sick.

I’m not saying that if you get COVID 19, it’s your fault. I can say with certainty that if we focus on fear and toilet paper. I loaded this picture because my daughter, who never likes to change the toilet paper roll, played this trick on us nearly ten years ago. Who knew that we would see a day that people are fighting over toilet paper in the grocery aisles.

This is hearsay, but word has it that you will have (ahem) use the restroom about 172 times a day to use all the toilet paper that’s missing from store shelves right now. I’ve heard stories about people making evil eyes toward the woman who took the last can of Lysol off the shelf. Think about it. Really.

Henry Ford used to say about success that whether you think you can do it or think you can’t, either way you’re 100% right.

Whether you think you’re going to get sick or think you won’t, you’re 100% right. Now if I get stricken with coronavirus just for saying that, you can come wrap my house in toilet paper, but you know I’m right.

If you think the world is going to end….
If you think you’re going out of business…
If you think your kids are going to kill each other at home for two weeks…you’re probably right.

What are we doing to make lemonade out of these lemons?

  1. Play a game. If you really want to focus on the world at a pandemic level, have a RISK tournament and play for total annihilation.
  2. Make something. Rally the kids to create an Easter gift for Grandma. That will keep them busy for hours while you work.
  3. Build something. Turn off the TV, shut the computer and build a fort in the family room. Crawl in there and read a book, transport the whole family to Narnia. Or read the Hunger Games to prepare for your next trip to the grocery store.

Stop worrying. Start living.


  • Donna Carlson

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