Societies around the world have their fair share of issues. Towns and neighborhoods are suffering from different problems daily and are struggling to rid themselves of some of the dysfunctions. We are breathing in a world where we all strive for perfection, which may not truly exist. As long as the community exists, there is going to be disorder within it in one way or another. Our only hope is to try and decrease the social negatives to make way for more positives in our local communities. Understandably, no one wants to have their community plagued with issues such as mental health, low socioeconomic status, and lack of awareness of important issues. However, our communities and we find ourselves in some reasonably difficult predicaments sometimes and do not know how to get out of them.
A solution to these social issues is raising social awareness within the community about some of the dysfunctions. If the general wellbeing of the town is suffering due to mental health-related problems, then people need to educate on how to handle their stress better. It’s easier said than done and sounds great in theory, however, actually bringing about the change require professional intervention. Social workers play a substantial role in the development and balance within a dysfunctional community. With the right skills, they can change the mindset of the community in which they are in and bring positive changes. It comes with the years of education and countless hours in school, which got them the skills they needed. However, new online social work masters programs have made it easier for people to attain their degrees and play a role in the betterment of society.


There are countless reasons why a community may suffer. One hundred one variable can place a community at risk for any number of societal shortcomings. For example, a town that is too close to a big factory can develop respiratory issues because of the air which surrounds them. Moreover, a low socioeconomic neighborhood may suffer delinquencies because people do not have the means to survive without trying illegal ways of earning money.
As far as why specific issues exist in communities, it varies from one town to another. Chances are, no two cities will be the same, even though they have several overlapping traits. Social issues exist on variables, the more variables there are, the more complicated the situation is going to get.


Once communities face an issue, it’s essential to make efforts to eradicate said issues as swiftly as possible. Some negative aspects of the community need to be dealt with more rapidly than others. For this reason, a matter of priorities needs to establish, and the most immediate threat needs addressing.
A community that has a rampant drug problem needs social workers to raise awareness among the youth about the ill effects of drug use and distribution. If the individual successfully educates them on the harmful effects of the use and abuse of drugs, there will be a gradual change in the community. Without a trained professional coming in to raise awareness and leading the youth back on track, it is unlikely that a community is going to change soon.


The training involved in becoming a social worker is reasonably extensive. Moreover, it’s hard for people to continue their education up until their masters because of other commitments. Understandably, it is harder to pursue your master when you have to work alongside. Most people cannot attend the classes and, therefore, never pursue their full certification to become caseworkers/ social workers.
Moreover, social work is not mainly a commonly sought after field. Other professions are widely chosen over social action as they are seen as more lucrative and generally aim towards more success in life (debatable). Due to several of these factors, social workers chose not to pursue their field and end up dropping out or not starting their degrees at all.

However, with modern technology at our disposal, online programs can significantly help all those who are looking to pursue their dream career. It would be considerably more comfortable for an individual to pursue their degree in the comfort of their own homes. With more people seeking the field, there are going to be more people out there who will help bring order and balance back within the community.


If there is a prevalent issue in the community, which you think is cause for concern, then there is a need for a social worker. Juvenile delinquency, drug use, and distribution and school dropout rates are some of the common issues which affect the youth of our communities. It’s vital to get the child back on track as soon as possible as the old cliche about them being the future, is more accurate than ever.
For adults, training on how to be better parents, mental health management within the house, and teaching them how to understand their children is critical. Caseworkers applied to families and homes to educate all family members about their roles, rights, and duties are extremely important. It especially applies to lower socioeconomic communities where education lacks.


Schools, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations have a role to play in the placement of social workers within their community. All these organizations can help the community in one way or another, depending on what the prevalent issue is in said community.
A social worker can do a lot of good for a community that is suffering from social, medical, and legal issues. Just one worker can change the entire thought process of the community and set it on the right track towards self-sustenance and a secure future for its members. If it is not a general social worker, a caseworker attached to several families can help them better understand what they are doing wrong in their lives and set them on the right track.
Sex education, birth control, and consent are significant issues that need to introduce in our communities due to the violence which exists against females. With the right interventions, our societies can be a safer place to live in, a place you feel proud in the future.