The world is selfish, and you can’t deny this truth. And this truth is derived from the people because people make a place worth living. That’s why you have heard this phrase quite often:

My family is my world. Or My friends are my only world!

There are reasons why people admit that they don’t want other people around them anymore.

Just like you, I’m also a contributor in making this world a place, either good or bad for others. It’s us who decide how the world will become. Before humans, God has already filled the earth with miraculous nature. We have everything available, and if someone says that humanity will extinct soon due to scarcity of resources, that’s bullocks! How can one easily say that humans will die due to hunger or thirst? We are responsible for taking care of other humans. The food is so much in the quantity that annually, around 1.3 billion tonnes is wasted. But the irony is that people tend to kill each other for power just to help the weak. The desire for power is never-ending, and this eventually makes people stop believing anyone except their family and friends.

Apart from how media wants us to perceive the world, if you observe how people are living around you, you would easily stop believing in people. In the professional era, everyone has become a dopamine addict. No one will allow you to proceed even if you are honest with your work.

If you go back a bit, you would see how kids are loved unconditionally. That love from the family has no end. Even if you go astray from the right path, they would hate you, but they won’t stop loving you. It’s because of the

  • Blood
  • Connection
  • Relation

The Triangular Bond

You are a 10 years old kid, and you see everyone is so nice and caring. That’s your family. From here, your mind has an image of your family as a shelter. If you are hurt or depressed, you will run to your family. The shelter a family provides is unrivalled to anything else.

You grow up and find a bunch of lads of your same age group. They share your mindset, feelings, and activities. Soon, you realize their loyalty and embrace them as friends.

Friends support you in your presence and defend you in your absence.

Now, your family has a strong connection with you, and you have a strong connection with your friends. It’s become a triangle, and the three corners are You, Family, and Friends. The more loyal this triangle becomes, the stronger support you will get. This bond gathers its strength from love, honesty, empathy, and compassion. When you care for others, you get paid with kindness in different forms. The best way I’ve experienced is by giving gifts without any reason except love for others.

Fast forward, you have become mature with responsibilities on your shoulders. Now the reality of the world shows up—the cruelty of the rich, the deceit of the middle-class, and the manipulation of the poor. Loyalty is nowhere to be seen. Only a single blow of misfortune will be enough to strike you down. But if you have the back of family and friends, you won’t feel massive pain. You will retaliate quickly with high charisma. There will be more than one shoulder to lean on and cry.

But think for a moment, you are not on good terms with your family and you have lost your friends because of your imprudence. If a difficulty occurs, your self-esteem will be shattered, and in no time, you will probably lose everything in the blink of an eye. The anxiety of facing a difficulty alone is of a different level. It crushes humans so badly, no matter how strong the person is!

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That’s why the importance of friends and family can’t be measured. You never know when the misfortune knocks on your door. The probability of a stranger responding to your call is pretty low in today’s world. In such situation, only family or friends come forward as a guardian.

The unconditional love of family and the forgiving nature of your friends become your healer when no one even asks you if you need any help. It doesn’t matter how far you’ve gone from your family; you’ll never cease to think about them. And when it comes to your friends, it’s true that friends are angels in human form. They will be your best moral support if anything bad happens.


Life is too short to fill your heart with grudge for others.

Reconcile today if there are fissures between you and your beloved ones. No one knows who will need who tomorrow. It’s the best time to stop being mean towards others and start living a life worth Divine reward. It really costs nothing to be nice and big-hearted.