Oils have long been used for a variety of purposes. With their delicious aroma and numerous beneficial properties, they are well-loved by those who prefer using natural products.

But if there’s one oil above all others that everyone should keep stocked in their home, it has to be lavender oil.

The ultimate multi-purpose product used by many people daily, lavender oil is a home essential.

Lavender oil

Extracted from the lavender plant via steam distillation of the flowers, lavender oil’s main components are linalyl acetate, linalool, geraniol, lavandulol, and eucalyptol. These ingredients are well-known for having skin nourishing effects.

With a distinct sweet and fresh floral scent, lavender oil is clear in colour, sometimes with a yellowish to greenish tinge and has a thin consistency.

A multi-purpose oil, lavender oil can be mixed with other carrier oils. It works well with coconut, argan or jojoba oil, as well as many others. It can be used in everything from body soaps to lotions and body creams, shampoos and massage oils.

Considered one of the most versatile oils with a wide array of benefits, lavender oil is a must-have oil in every home.

Skin, body & hair uses

Lavender oil is considered by many to be a hero product due to its seemingly endless benefits for the skin, body and hair, and is widely used in cosmetic applications.


Lavender oil can work wonders on the skin. Packed with antioxidants that help protect and nourish the skin, it’s an ideal ingredient to any skincare formula.

With its high amounts of antioxidants, lavender oil can be effective for protecting your skin from the free radicals that partly cause fine lines and wrinkles. By reducing the appearance of dark spots and skin discolouration, it may help improve complexion. With its soothing properties, it also helps fight redness, and can help minimise blotchy skin and hyperpigmentation.

Lavender oil works well with oily skin due to its nourishing properties. It can aid in balancing out the moisture levels of the skin and works as a natural hydrator to help nourish the skin throughout the day, without leaving oily residue or clogging the pores.


Adding a few drops to shampoos and hair care products may help improve hair structure and make hair look fuller.

Lavender essential oil has antiseptic properties that help eliminate dandruff and improve scalp health. It conditions the hair by soothing the scalp and promoting hair growth. However, do not apply directly to the scalp as it may result in irritation. Always make sure to dilute your essential oils with carrier oils before using it on the skin.

Combing a few drops of lavender oil through your hair can also help refresh it between washes.


Lavender oil is well-known for its benefits in massage and aromatherapy. It is nourishing and hydrating, providing your skin with a healthier appearance, and its floral aroma provides a calming atmosphere. 

Create your own home spa experience and add a few drops to your bath to create a relaxing environment. You can also use it to make bath bombs, bath salts, lotions, body scrubs and hair products.

Lavender can even be used to kill the bacteria that causes body odour, making it popular for use in body oils or as a natural deodorant.

Home uses

As well as its many uses for the skin, hair and body, lavender oil has numerous practical uses around the home.

With its soothing aroma, lavender oil is popular for use in a home spray or oil diffuser. A great sleep inducer, adding a few drops on your pillow can result in a more relaxing sleep.

A favourite scent for many, lavender oil is effective for masking unpleasant odours and making your home smell fresh. Use it in any room of your home, especially the kitchen and bathroom, as lavender can help kill bacteria. As a natural smelling disinfectant, you can use lavender oil to clean your floors.

The scent of lavender is often used in drawers and wardrobes to keep clothes from developing a musty scent. A few drops can also be added to your laundry to have your clothing come out smelling deliciously fresh.

Buying natural products

There’s no doubt that with its many uses, lavender oil is a product everyone should have in their home.

When buying lavender oil online, look for high-quality natural products to ensure you can enjoy the most benefits from the ingredients.

As with any new product, before applying it to your skin, you should always check with a dermatologist first to ensure it is safe for you to use. You may want to patch test it to ensure you don’t have a negative reaction. If using a lavender essential oil, never apply it directly to the skin without first diluting it with a carrier oil.

Using natural lavender oil can be very beneficial, but it’s important to use it safely.