Everyone’s journey in life is always unique. Some feels like their lives taste sour, while some feels it is sweet.We can’t deny this because everything depends on one’s mindset.

More than two years, the self discovery process of mine is quite smooth. Initially when I was thinking of changing my life, post depression, I thought it was quite easy and won’t take much time. Well, generally we all want the changes to happen instantly. It’s not our fault, it’s a human nature. But if you ask someone who is committed genuinely to become a better person, they know their journey towards transformation is a slow process. They savor every moment of life mindfully, focusing for betterment day by day.

During  transformation process, I learnt few lessons in my life. I want to share those here which will be useful for people who are stuck in their lives.

Becoming a spiritual person is the golden key to become a better person

 I have started to make my prayers regularly with maximum mindfulness. The patience obtained through this spiritual way, calms my soul.

Depression is a turning point in life, which bends temporarily but at the same time, mends permanently

Please read my post on  ” How I found the positive side to my depression“, where I have expressed the gifts of depression.

Solitude is a bliss, that helps to rejuvenate self from all the chaos

 I never felt that introversion is a flaw. It is helping me to be unique in my own way, giving a deep peace.

We can’t change our life, but we can change the way of living through habits

 I am obsessed on developing habits. It is really useful for me to track my day to day process in an organized way.

Quest for discovering self is a gift. Who ever has that drive, must be proud of themselves

My quest to self discovery is always vivid and I hope it will be the same for all who are in that journey.

Spending time for family and friends are priceless. It helps to realize that we are not alone in this world

  At times, comforting words from my people, completely relieves my pain.

Nature is one of the richest sources to heal, when we are feeling low

I love spending time outside. Being a nature lover, gives me a complete serenity.

Little things are powerful. It gives the purest joy which can be felt only by heart

Big things has given me temporary happiness, but I prefer to focus on small things, which develops my attitude of gratitude.

Physical and mental self-care is much-needed than we think

I always feel the positive vibes whenever I commit for self-care. It serves as source to ameliorate my wellness.

Quality is always better than quantity. Not only in transformation, it is needed for an entire life

Prioritizing quality over quantity has helped me a lot to improve my standard of life.

Being valued and giving value is a genuine way to connect with the people

I love  to listen when people talk to me. In my opinion, giving our attention to others is  the easiest form of support.

Making time for hobbies helps to let out bounded emotions to the world, in a creative way

I express my inner feelings through writings, coloring, photography, cooking. Most of the times, these things aid me to showcase my emotions in an artistic way.

Lessons learnt  in our life, should always be cherished. Nevertheless, it is big or  small, those are the legacy which will be a guide for others, when we depart.