Plus Size Fashion and it's PR

A study shows that 94% of teenage girls and 63% of boys are a victim of body shaming. It is also proven that 60% of the world’s population has been on a diet at least once in their lifetime.

With the emergence of body positivity movements, the fashion industry has begun to challenge unrealistic feminine body standards set by the society. As it grew in popularity, the focus on accepting all kind of bodies and weight began to influence the fashion industry and it came with a whole new section, popularly known as Plus Size Fashion implying the message that all bodies are beautiful. Plus size clothing gives people the freedom of expressing radical self-love towards their genetically inherited body without being confined in size zero beauty standards. Moreover, it creates a space for celebrating different body types without any disrespect or unkindness towards one another.


The growth of plus size clothing in the fashion industry

Plus size clothing has grown enough to influence the mainstream fashion brands, as a result of which fast fashion brands, likes of which Vero Moda, Only and others have expanded their stock of big sized apparels. A few years ago, Mango launched it’s plus size brand named Violeta which has trendy clothing’s ranging from US size 12-30. Asos came up with Asos Curve which has a varied collection ranging from daily wears, lingerie to wedding gowns available in sizes upto US 34. Besides these mainstream brands, the ramp has also witnessed plus size model like Ashley Graham in Fendi and Jill Kortleve in Chanel Spring/Summer 2021 collection. A research has found out that over 60% of the women in The US wear a size above 14 which means that the now is the right time to grow the plus size section for your clothing label.

Reasons why you need PR for Your Plus-Size Brand

To make your brand stand out of the crowd, you need a PR team which could speak the vision of your brand in the lingo familiar to the curvy queens. Here are some key reasons you should consider taking the help of a PR team

  • PR for building Brand Message –  An experienced team of PR makes sure that the message that you wish to depict through your brand is given the utmost importance especially while promoting a business along the lines of an important social message as body positively. The target audience for this market is large since one third of female customers are identified as plus size which means that your brand message could influence the choice of such a huge audience. PR experts know the right way to connect and engage with audience. In this era, the fashion industry in fast moving, therefore defining the presence of your brand in a peculiar way is more important than it ever was.
  • PR for Influencer marketing – Influencer marketing is one of the most leading strategies of the current times since the social media is a common platform for the target audience. Public Relations specialists have a connection with lists of influencers from all genres including plus size bloggers. These influencers have an established network of followers who have laid trust in them. Influencers can be considered as a valuable stream for advertisement since it helps to raise your brand awareness massively. Partnerships and gift collaboration with the fashion bloggers and social media influencers are ways through which Public Relations professionals help you increase the exposure for your brand.
  • PR for media coverage – Public Relations professionals believe that your brand comes with a valuable story. They are well aware of the needs of both your existing and potential customers hence they know the right way to address to the mass. They curate the adequate quality of press releases for you. With their good network of connection with journalists and editors, PR experts have these releases published in the platforms which would benefit you the most.
  • Digital PR and SEO – Public Relation agencies work in increasing the online presence for your brand with the help of Social Media Optimization. With the launch of hundreds of Plus sized fashion labels, the competitor market is rapidly increasing therefore it is important for your brand to leave a mark. Digital PR agencies network with journalists, bloggers and influencers and send online press releases to gain high-quality backlinks social media mentions and improve their Search Engine Optimization.

To know more about how plus size fashion marketing and PR works get in touch, and get the exclusivity for your brand that you have been looking for.