Current Life Situation – No Time for Self Care

In the current world, technology has made our life easier and at the same time more complicated and stressful.  This is the same as with anything in life, there is always two sides of a coin.  You will have pros and cons.  With technology, we stay connected with everyone all day long but without the human touch, which makes us lonelier.  With technology, we get things done faster, but at same time we are expected to get more done.

On top of that, we still have to juggle the several roles that we play in our life, our roles in family, at work, social circle and the list goes on.

With technology and the numerous roles that we need to play, we tend to get so sucked in with the busyness of life that we forget to take care of the most important person in our life – us!  We sacrifice our own me time, in order to get more things done, to care for others, to meet their needs and wants, without realising that we are losing ourselves by forgetting to care for ourselves.

Consequences of Not Having Self Care

Why do we lose ourselves by not having self-care?  We lose ourselves because we keep putting other people’s needs and wants before us and change our personalities to meet the expectations of others.  At end of day, we become so tired fulfilling other people’s needs and wants.   By not being true to ourselves as we become a chameleon, putting up a different front to different people,  we lose our purpose and reason for living, we lost our passion in life, which is a very important motivating factor for us to get on with life. 

By having a purposeless life, we just drift with our life daily and this will have a severe physical, emotional and mental impact not just on us, but on the people around us.

Types of self-care

Hence, it is important to take a step back and take charge of your life.  Set healthy boundaries and life goals.  Spend some time to listen to the inner voice to find the authentic you.  Most importantly, start practicing some of the self-care activities which we have listed down below by type of self-care for your reference.

Emotional self-care relates to taking care of our emotions and feelings.  Be aware of what makes us happy and sad so that we can take the necessary action to address the negative feelings.   Emotional self-care activities include learning to say yes to your needs and wants, learn to be grateful, staying away from people that make you unhappy or uneasy.

Physical self-care relates to improving your physical health.  Listen to your body and undertake activities that will boost your physical wellbeing and not over-tire your body.  Such activities include ensuring you have a healthy diet, get sufficient rest and sleep and consulting the doctor if you are unwell.

Social self-care relates to building and maintaining close relationships with people.  Social self-care activities include finding time to build close connection with family and friends and all others who matter to you.  Finding activities to enhance your relationships with others.


With the above list, start a self-care plan and ensure that you stick to it and you will experience a more authentic and energetic you.