Vision boards are a great way to help you lay out your goals and dreams. When you put down something you really really want you are actually giving a signal to the universe to help you move in the direction to achieve it and hence it helps you manifest. Basically it helps you create intent, clarity and focus. 

So what is a vision board? A vision board is a collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of one’s dreams and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation. It is an actual board that you use to stick images of things you want like house, travel destinations, work environment, love in your life, having a baby, getting married and so on. You actually cut out images from magazines on the Internet and stick it on this board. It is a board that you design in relation to what you want to achieve in the next 3 to 5 years. A vision board is proven to help manifest but what we need to be mindful of is the effort we need to take in this certain direction. 

We often feel lost and don’t know what we want, if you are feeling this then a vision board is for you. It is a step towards gaining clarity on what you expect from yourself in life. Most people like to see rather than write statements about goals, vision and dreams. Creating this board will help you visualise everything you want to manifest in your life. The lifestyle, the money, spirituality, health and family. 

My story With vision boards started many many years ago, I created a vision board with all the material objects. I wanted these because I believed these are the things that will give me happiness. It was the time I was living on pain killers and wanted everything – From my fashion label Being represented at New York fashion week, to an Aston Martin, to a Harry Winston and to a private yacht. 

At that time I was not aware that material objects will not give me happiness as I didn’t know myself and I didn’t know what would give me happiness. I didn’t know my mission and I didn’t know the reason for my existence so it clearly didn’t manifest. 

Then there was a second time that I created a vision board about 4 years ago after my transformation. This time It was more words and sentences, a few images and a lot of quotes . Everything I have wanted since then has come true from being an author to being a coach and speaker.  

Hence, I believe that for affirmations and manifestations to work, they must align to our values and our journey 

Few days ago I created a 3rd new vision board with MIRA Vision Board, this is a vision board which is in line with me today, it is in line with what I want to achieve in the next 3 to 5 years and talks about my personal , my mission, my business, my health, my family, and has a little part about my lifestyle. 

 So to create a vision board you must be honest with yourself and know yourself a little bit before you create this in order for you not to get disappointed.  

So what does vision board do for you or here are 3 reasons why you must make a vision board 

  • You Get to know yourself a little more – as mentioned, if you don’t know yourself then how will you be in love with yourself and your journey. So a vision board will help you bring out what you really want and you will get to know yourself better.
  • It helps create the intention to achieve your desired outcomes – what this means is that when you put the images on paper and see them in front of you daily, you will take action and be focused in achieving it. Intent always creates action 
  •  It helps you to manifest your vision – it’s extremely difficult for people to manifest, and my clients often seek my guidance in doing this. A vision board actually helps you feel the emotions in a certain area while you physically put the image on the board. So, the secret to manifestation is to emotionally feel your dream or goal with all your 5 senses before it has manifested. 

In conclusion – 

As discussed, a vision board will only work when you are familiar with yourself and you know yourself. Another thing to note is that just by creating a vision board nothing will work. You have to be focused on making those efforts to achieve your goals. your personal growth has to be in line with achieving everything you want and you have to work on yourself.  Only when you work on yourself will you receive everything that is meant to come to you.


  • Meher Mirchandani


    Manrre Logistics Fund

    An award-winning entrepreneur, healer, and coach, Meher is the Director of Manrre Logistics Fund and  Managing Director of Palmon Group. She is a maven who balances her various roles with equal ease and  persistent hard work—whether it is that of a business leader, decision maker, wife, daughter, or a devoted  mother to her twin daughters.   An inherently empathetic leader, she is a source of inspiration for her core team of leaders and leads by  focusing on conscious leadership based on her personal and her company’s values. As one of the Forbes top  Indian leaders, Meher believes that culture is the cornerstone of an organization, and she is responsible for  creating and building a culture with a growth mindset at Palmon and Manrre that empowers leaders to be  their best on all fronts of their lives.   Her leadership principle is “Success is something you attract by the person you become. It is your  dedication to consistently grow yourself that will yield you the life you desire.” Her personal journey has  brought about a breakthrough and transformation in her, which she shares in her first book ‘Come Alive’.  Come Alive addresses the answer to the question, ‘Are you truly Alive’?   Her book uncovers that there is nothing missing in life and that you are enough and limitless! It helps you  understand that you are complete. It sheds light on the fact that the relationship we have with ourselves is  what determines the quality of every other relationship in our life. Her journey concludes, that the feeling  of something missing is nothing else but the connection with ourself.  Through this book, the author guides you to know, nurture, appreciate, and fall in love with yourself.  Her five-phase process will lead you to prioritize yourself, love yourself and ultimately come alive. Being  alive is being in love with yourself for who you are.  Her mission is to evoke the transformation in you, so you honor and celebrate yourself for who you are! [email protected] comealivewithmeher