When asked what I learned in 2017, it broke down into three “P’s”:


Daily calls and persistent action do pay off. It is definitely not my favorite part of business, but I feel like 2017 was about developing persistent and consistent action. The best part about persistence is it gradually becomes easier to pick up the phone and make calls or get out to business events. Whenever poor mindset or other “priorities” begin to creep in to sabotage my persistence, I can think of the positive outcomes from other days when I was consistent. This keeps me going. Be persistent with your 2018 resolutions- no matter what they are and you will have success!


The last month has been about shifting my focus to developing talks and training around sexual harassment prevention. This pivot, as an addition to my services, is exciting because there is a real need to keep the conversation going as well as creating real solutions to a centuries old problem. I never would have guessed Sexual Harassment Prevention training would become a pillar of my services, but staying open to the idea and hearing support from many in business has made me certain this pivot is the right move. Is there a way for you to pivot in your business or personal life for more fulfillment?


The first two P’s, persistence and pivoting, have resulted in a renewed sense of purpose. With all the aspects of the company aligned, Moving Image is excited to be of service to the business community like never before. Ask yourself if you are still purpose driven in your business or personal life. Could a lack of purpose be holding you back? Develop your purpose to make 2018 your best yet!

With these three “P’s” from 2017, I can Propel into 2018 with Passion and Positivity!

 How about you? What letter inspired your 2017?