Everyone has dreams and goals. However, very few people actually achieve them. This is because majority of us let our limits hold us back. These limits take various forms. Examples are physical inability, doubt, fear or a negative past. When you meet your personal limits, you feel resistance. This makes everything feel much harder to accomplish.

Impossible is just a state of mind. Many things that people think are impossible are in fact possible. The only thing that you need to do in order to achieve them is put in a little bit (well, sometimes a lot) of effort.

Think about the things that you think are impossible for you to do, things that you think you would never be able to achieve.

It is always quite amazing to learn about all those people who think beyond gaining the success they desire. They are the ones who believe in surrendering themselves to their goals in life and are ready to go even under the grind, only to come out as a refined talent and to display their resilience to the world as a professional in their respective field. The music industry, especially of the US, is seen as a breeding ground of insanely talented musicians, singers, songwriters, rappers, etc.

Josefine proudly says that her music is something that has helped her to get where she is today. Becoming a singer and songwriter came very naturally to her as she grew up with musical parents and sisters. Adding further, she says that music has always shown her the right path and also helped her escape the many hard life situations, while writing has acted like therapy in her life. Josefine is originally from Stockholm, Sweden, who then did her graduation from the world-renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston. 

So far, this passionate and effortless singer has given hit tracks like “Dreamin”, “Let It Go”, “Weekends”, and so many others, becoming increasingly popular.