There are studies for everything, and success is one of the most researched topics by the scientific community. These are 7 customs that you should have, and that science validates as the path to success.

But although we live listening all the time that ‘we have to be successful’, for each individual this word acquires a different meaning.

In FP, we like a phrase that can be inspiring to achieve success. It is from the famous German poet and author Bertolt Brecht, and in Latin America, the Cuban Trova singer Silvio Rodríquez immortalized it. The quote says: “There are men who fight one day and are good. Others fight for a year and are better. Some fight for many years and are perfect. But some fight a lifetime: those are the essentials.”

In this use of the word men, a reference to humanity is made, including our women, boys, and girls, the young people who pursue their dreams. Everyone wants success. But this is a term that everyone frames within their project. “We must frame the success from the personal,” says our FP collaborator, Pao Escobar, who has international certification in NLP and is a personal development coach.

That is why, for artists, success is shining in their careers. Professionals seek to be the best lawyers, journalists, politicians, engineers, architects, to be excellent in their work. But for others, it is to have a family, to travel, to achieve self-knowledge to be well with themselves. Some prefer abundance, houses, have businesses, accumulate an endless fortune. Everything is valid.

But that success will not be waiting for you while you wait to lie on the couch. You have to go looking for and acquire certain habits. Some that will help you are described in the article, on ‘How to be Smarter: habits proven by science’. But as often happens, intelligence and success go hand in hand, although knowledge also has many variants.

Therefore, here are those seven simple habits that if you have them, we want to congratulate you, it is well on track. If you have not developed them, you are still in time to acquire them. Such stacks! Get to work on them.

#1. Drink water 30 minutes after waking up

After several hours of sleeping, the body has not hydrated in the best way for an extended period. It is recommended that you drink two glasses of water in the first 30 minutes after you have risen so that the ‘garbage’ of the body is filtered and has a balance.

In children, studies have shown that drinking water increases the ability to complete natural tasks.

#2. Read the summary of a book during breakfast

Instead of taking the cell phone and seeing how many videos a kitten is on social networks. It is best to take advantage of breakfast, which is a short time you have and read summaries of successful books. ‘The secrets of the millionaire mind,’ ‘Rich father, poor father,’ or the biographies of new or current characters are recommended.

#3. Listen to podcast when on the move

Those minutes to work in the taxi, in your car or on public transport, are valuable, and you can take advantage of them from your cell phone with podcasts. They are audios that take 20 or 10 minutes for you to pay attention and learn new things. The program’ Finance for all’ or the Audible Amazon platform with more than 180,000 titles will have some content that is of your choice.

#4. Drink green tea at work

We know that caffeine can alter its functions while it is fulfilling its duties, so try this aromatic drink that, according to documents, contains L-Theanine, an amino acid that generates an increase in brain ‘alpha’ waves.

That is, while coffee can make you anxious, quality tea can induce a state of calm focus without feeling sleepy. Therefore, L-theanine is sold as a supplement that helps relaxation and better cardiovascular functioning.

#5. Take naps during the day

Several neuronal investigations have concluded that naps allow the brain to be fresh and have repair. Or if you prefer, you can rest your eyes and put your mind completely blank, without thinking about anything else for 10 minutes and meditatingThe brain has a rhythm that determines when it is falling asleep, and when it needs to sleep.

The most successful people like Elon Musk or Richard Branson have talked about the advantages of meditation, and doctors recommend a few minutes of sleep before resuming activities.

# 6 Avoid sugar during the day

Ideally, you should completely forget about sugar. But, in the case of not being able (for any reason), be sure not to consume it at times when you need to be more focused. High sugar levels, followed by low ones, are not recommended for your mind to function intelligently. You can try to change foods high in sugar to fatty acids, such as fish and eggs.

# 7 Instead of series or movies, better video games

It is proven that while watching television, this is a passive activity, but video games activate other areas that stimulate motor functions and creativity. A 2014 study showed that the video game Super Mario has a visible impact on the flexibility of the brain and consequently acquires skills that have the most successful people.